December 21, 2013

2014: Feel the Winds of Change.

My greatest inspiration comes in those moments when I put one solid foot in front of the other, winding my way through neighborhoods or nearby trails.

Lately, the runs have been blustery.

I always know when the weather is about to change as the winds pick up and toss everything around that was once in a very comfortable place, a metaphor of sorts. I feel more than just my breath, the sweat and my muscles taking on the impact of the movement.

There is an undercurrent taking place that threatens to catapult my somewhat situated self into the next phase of living. When I run is when I feel it most. My body is not what it used to be. My endurance still exists, but I don’t possess the speedy turnover rate that my legs used to have.

What I feel is a slower more content pace. The hurry to get from point A to point B no longer consumes my every thought. Appreciation for the process takes over. All the masks are off and the story has changed into a newer fresher outcome. 2014 is almost here.

Every fiber in my body has felt the change for some time now. I almost become giddy with excitement when I sense newness. Who doesn’t love new beginnings? They are the cornerstone of our world. A new year is a chance to right some of the wrongs, if you haven’t done so already.

After the holiday whirlwind and a few planetary retrogrades thrown in for good measure the horizon appears calm and collected. Things have been shaking up for some time now. Manifest lists are becoming reality. Keep putting that vibe out there because you never know when the unexpected happens.

We are all on the Universe’s time frame. If you see it, you know it, and you trust it, whatever “it” is will become your truth.

In continuing on with my simple theme, a few momentous changes that promise to shake up 2014 might look like this:

1. You have released your inner drive to compete with those around you.

2. Your heart is more open and willing to go where it’s never been.

3. The armor that has been wrapped around you for most of your life is slowly wilting away, if not completely stripped. Yay!

4. Every thought is backed up with well-intended action.

5. Your closest companions in life and love are held even tighter and mean more than ever.

6. You follow your true calling in life.

7. Take a moment to glance up at the heavens every chance you get. It releases incredible amounts of anxiety and offers up a chance to breathe deeply and be grateful for a power higher than you.

8. Your health is your priority. You have one body, one earthly life. Give it what it needs.

9. Offer up compassion to animals in need. There are many, and the world wouldn’t spin at a grandiose pace if we didn’t care about our fellow creatures. The space we share with them deserves attention.

10. Take a chance on love. It costs nothing and spurns your heart and soul to amazing depths.

11. Applaud and support those in your immediate circle. We all work hard. We all shine at different moments. Show appreciation to those who try and those who fail. It leads them to greater heights.

12. Be kind to absolutely everyone. There are no excuses for bad or arrogant behavior. None.

13. Tap into your right brain and you’ll be amazed at what creative juices are lurking in those shadows.

14. Love yourself first. What you show to the world by taking care of you is someone who knows how to take care of others. It matters.

More changes than ever are coming for 2014. Absorb what you have accomplished in 2013 with reverence and happiness. Our spirit for aliveness is constantly changing, and each time the wind blows when I’m out on a run, my natural self can feel it move me from deep inside. I can’t ignore what is happening I can only enjoy the ride. What a great year it promises to be!

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: elephant journal photo archives

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Read 7 comments and reply

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