December 17, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 12.16.

Moon is full (Purnima) on 12.17 at 3:27 am CST. It will be sandhi in degrees and in Gemini at its fullest point and in Mrgashiras nakshatra.

Use the next few weeks for a creative focus, using the hands especially, and finding new ways to express your Self. Let go of the old and invite in new parts of your Self.

Moon begins its waning phase (Krishna Paksha) after the full moon and transits Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo this week. Moon in its own sign Cancer 12.19 to 12.21. Navigate your emotional waters carefully at this time.

Sun moved to Sagittarius on 12.15 at 14:35 CST and is there until 1.14.14. Mercury joins Sun in Sagittarius this week on 12.20 at 09:12 am CST. Both Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius receive drishti (gaze) from Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.

There will be a desire to expand, yet contraction principles at play simultaneously. Frustrations, mental confusion, anxiety and frenzy can come if we push too hard, overextend ourselves or do not effectively re-calibrate our intentions. Things will likely take longer than you’d like to pan out, so adjust for this. Best use of your time and efforts will be through goal setting, making to-do lists and using methodical action steps. Set your goals and aim high, but work backwards effectively in order to get the results you’d like. Less is actually more right now. Plan for upheaval and change as some restructuring takes place on an inner level.

Venus begins its retrograde dance on 12.21 at 15:52 CST while in UttarAshada nakshatra and continues to move backwards into Sagittarius until 1.31.14 . The nakshatra UttaraAshada is ruled by Vishvadeva; good character and “doing the right thing” are paramount here. The Vishvadevas are literally “universal principles” or the Laws of Nature, and bring us reminders of how to act in alignment with life in order to bring more harmony. Use this reminder of “good conduct” in our relationships during this retrograde cycle as Venus is a strong planetary focus for us currently (ruling planet of Libra where both Saturn and Rahu sit).

Recent set backs in relationships, creativity, romance, passion, wealth and money will get a chance for re-evaluation. The obstacles felt over the past months may get smoothed out over the coming weeks or we may be confronted with opportunities to “do things better” than before with more dignity and alignment in tune with the devas. Look for divine intervention, serendipity and “cosmic connections.” However, be aware of snares, traps and set-ups.

Be mindful of your need to “fix” others and remember you can only fix your Self. With the double retrograde action of Jupiter and Venus occurring, the desire to “fix” relationships will be at an all-time high. Re-direct that energy back onto your Self. Note that some relationships will get stronger during this time, while others will fall apart and lose their strength. Some individuals will lose their desire to “be in relation” at all.

For the recluse types, this is the ultimate time of silence and a wonderful opportunity for meditating, spiritual focus and a strong turning inward. Perfect timing as we mark the Winter Solstice on 12.21—a time when the depth of Nature’s silence is upon us.

Happy and abundant winter Solstice blessings!

Utilize my jyoti/creative arts activities as a healing & awareness tool. This week’s Jyoti/Expressive Art Therapy Creative Engagement Activity has us working with the ribcase and expansion and contraction energy.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Focus your attention/intention on home and heart this week. What clean up and healing work needs your focus? Self care is still your best use of time and energy. Work picks up this week. Relationships (new and old) bring career connections. Expect some returns on your past efforts to finally pay off in the coming month. Remember, work smarter, not harder. Keep peeling back layers of your Self, finding new depth.

Life begins to move in reverse. What do you do when the same issues resurface again and again? Do you finally take notice? Do you wake up one morning with a new realization about your Self, your life? Prepare for a ground hogs day paradigm over the coming weeks and use this time to re-evaluate the missing parts and pieces of your life. You are being offered a chance to heal you and your relationships. Don’t squander this time. This week, use heart felt courage and get a jump start.

Use this time to gain your creative edge, even if it feels like uncharted territory and the momentum is hard to find. Ask for support and assistance. This is a time of re-evaluating your relationships. What is working and what isn’t? What adjustments and changes need to be made so you can get your needs met? It may feel like your relationships are asking too much of you or are requiring extra work. Before you jump ship, ask your Self if you’ve done your own home work (inner work).

The pull to the foreign, travels and alone time are proving to be healing on a soul level. There’s an itch in your socks though. What is that nagging feeling? Worries, haunts, enemies, your old bad habits and fears still pushing you on some level. This is the emotional clean up that persists and continues to demand your attention. You can’t run from it, you can’t hide from it. You just need to face it; to face your Self and your heart and how you relate in your relationships. Once. And. For. All.

Take courageous, passionate strides with your creativity and your relationships—especially with children. Find that child-like sense of wonder and zest for life and re-kindle your desire for connection with your friends, family and lover. There may be confusion here and certainly healing that needs to take place in order for more confidence. Use this week to gain some new awareness, educate your Self on what your needs are and look for new opportunities for fulfillment. Mind your words. Think before you speak.

Why go backwards when you can go forward? Don’t retrace your steps, make new ones. When your heart says one thing, but you do something different, there is an impact on your soul and your connection to source. Use this time for making a strong connection to your dreams and desires and take the necessary actions to actualize them. Be passionate and live passionately because you deserve it. This week, forward momentum with your career is beckoning.

Your courage is like a wild horse that needs to be tamed, re-focused, harmonized. The push and pull within is creating a feeling of instability and taking its toll on you and your relationships. Slowing way down will go a long way in making your head stop spinning. It is vital that you ground your Self daily. Working with feet, earth, connecting to stability and support in your physical body will go a long way to help you find more balance. Remember to breathe.

Depth and mental acuity are high. You continue to work on finding support and comfort that feels sustainable and lasting. What does that actually feel like? When the disappointment and discouragement sets in, who and what is your savior, your grounding force? What grace comes to the rescue? Creativity is the balm of hope and possibility. Use these tools for creating the life you dream of and desire. Sing your songs of freedom.

The Sun is out for you right now and you are finding a new set point for inner/outer balance with gains and losses- especially in your relationships. You win some, you lose some, but for now, some expansion is possible, so take it while you can. There may be a few rubs at work however, and some losses in terms of fluctuating finances. This is all part of your new relationship with balance. What are your priorities? Who and what is vital to your security and stability? Keep it simple.

Use this week to sharpen your creative edge. Sharpen it to a point, with exactness. You are pulling back your arrow and finding your target. Aim, but don’t shoot yet. As much as possible, use silence to gain an advantage and greater depth in your process. This is sacred time. Use your power effectively and efficiently. Some lost pieces will be returned shortly. Do you want them back or are you ready to set your Self free?

A sharp mental edge is a current boon for you. Some courage is coming with it- from your depths. Friends and older siblings prove supportive and give you an opportunity to restore relationship wounds- especially in the coming weeks. For now, emotional healing is your best use of time and energy—paying special attention to your anger. Gaining knowledge and wisdom—outside of your comfort zone—will prove rewarding.

The gifts you desire to offer others begin to take more shape and clarity, yet old belief systems and uncertainties still haunt, bringing fear and self-doubt. Work on lineage and family patterns to heal these wounds. Relationships may feel agitated and unsettled. Watch what you say and how you say it. In the coming weeks you will get some chances to re-gain some losses- perhaps through the assistance of friends or older siblings. It will require some courage and action on your part as well as the full depth of your compassion.


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