December 19, 2013

3 Yoga Class Seduction Stories.

Yoga is hot stuff. It opens our hearts, reminds us of our breath, and grounds us in the present moment. But, too often—I imagine I’m not the only one—I fall off the yoga wagon and have to sucker, or trick, or seduce myself into breaking out of my busy mind and hitting the mat. Often, with a little help from my friends.

Yoga Seduction #1: I was too busy to go to yoga class: I had a ton of emails, a ton of stress, a ton of blogs to get up and had an americano in me. I was in my favorite cafe, and all set to get some work done. I’d been working hard all morning and my friend, Jeanne, messaged me on Facebook: “come to yoga.” I messaged her back and said, “can’t, too busy, but I’d love to. Next time!” She didn’t get my reply—she was already in her car—there was a ton of snow and it’s cold out and I always bike, so that was another reason I didn’t want to go—it’d be a long, cold bike ride. But she was already in the car and so she texted me, not knowing I’d already said no…so, given another chance to say yes, I said “yes.” I needed the class. So she picked me up, I went, my stress melted away, my shoulders relaxed and opened up, my neck reemerged from my throat, and I become human again. And then I was able to work the rest of the day and all evening, in a good mood, getting a ton done.

Yoga Seduction #2: Richard Freeman was giving one of his rare-ish Sunday afternoon lectures. They’re free. Someone said he was in town and giving the lecture. Would I like to come? “Hell yeah, of course. He’s the Mickey Mantle of yoga,” I always say for some reason. Folks nod and half the time I don’t think they know who Mickey Mantle is. It’s an odd connection, after all. Anyways: he’s the real deal. “See you there. Haven’t been to one of his lectures in a year.” So I went.

Yoga Seduction #3: just last Friday, I told my friend Peggy the Chef about yoga, and my friend Andrew the Acupuncturist, and two other friends, too. Can’t remember who. And since they were all going, I had to show. That’s how I seduce my busyness, which is really lazyness, into having to show up at yoga class.


Relephant bonus: The Future of Yoga.

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