December 23, 2013

Venus retrograde is begging us to reframe.

Twin Souls: A Return to our Roots.

Venus retrograde is begging us to reframe, re-plan, reconnect, re-inspire, and re-do almost all scenarios within our personal well-beings.

She is in her retrograde motion until the end of January.

This is perfect timing for the love planet to reinvigorate partnerships and relationships to see who and what is meaningful. She is the brightest planet in the sky. She often sits close to the moon. She rules two zodiac personas, Taurus and Libra. She wants nothing more than humans to take part in a months’ worth of re-evaluation and examination.

She asks that we retrace our roots and determine the parts of us that resonate with another. She is often as fierce as the bull, yet bathes in softness and graciousness from the Libran sun. She rises early in the evening horizon, preparing to shine her essence to those who will breathe in her beauty. All she needs is this time and space to begin the New Year with humans who matter to each other. She wants to return to the unfinished business and clean up any unforeseen tendencies that wash over us with reckless abandon. Her mere presence is boundless glory. She is here now to help with our regeneration and rebirth. Everything about her is “re”…

This time around is not for the weak of heart. It will open you up more than you might hope for and spill out thoughts, words and emotions that have an impact. Venus is retrograding in Capricorn, the authoritarian of the zodiac. She will take the next month seriously, never looking back again until the parts fall into place, only giving us a chance to re-examine. We look at the meaning of where we are. It begins with the nature of Venus herself, the ruler of Taurus and Libra—our soul roots.

We are both extravagant and desirous of harmony, beautiful things and romance. Although different in temperament and beliefs, Venus is redefining our bond this time around. We are going back to what matters and why our union is special. One might think it takes a village, but our Venus connection keeps the love insanely strong and centered. Our core values are similar. We don’t like to argue or have conflict. When it arises, we end up sulking more than retreating.

The bull has always taken the lead in security and strength. The scales have balanced and redirected and repurposed the partnership, allowing the heart to soak in all of it. We are unselfish. We are two beings steaming ahead with light and love. We are content in our own self. We are here to BE with each other. We are re-exploring our highest potential with compassion and offerings. We have a revolutionary love. Venus is asking this of us. She wants us to always extend our hands and hearts to others, to be in a spiritual dynamic that pushes the soul to another dimension, to be of service. Venus bestows her goodness for one month. Then, magic. Twin souls connected all over again, redefined and revitalized.

This is part three of a long story, a story that began lifetimes ago. We are both ruled by Venus, the lover of all things harmonious. This time around with her retrograde motion she asks that our story never ends. With our roots firmly planted and our souls re-grounded we take the next step in the final chapter.


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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Flickr

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