December 19, 2013

Where the Wild Things Are: Exploration, Conservation & Photography. ~ Daniel Fox

It was a beautiful Californian afternoon, typical fall weather—one of the perks of living in the Bay Area.

Looking out from my office window, the sky was clear and of a crispy blue. The trees swung gently to a light southwest wind. I couldn’t stop but think about how great it would be to be on the water, sailing or kayaking. My memories of sailing across the Atlantic quickly came flooding into my head, which was really not helping my need to finish some important computer work. But the thought of feeling the warmth of the sun, the wind blowing the sail and that sense of infinity that comes when the endless horizon calls to be discovered, there was no point trying to stop my imaginary wandering.

The sound of delivery rang from my computer. Like anyone else in today’s technophile culture, the ping was enough to bring me back to reality as I clicked on the mail app and checked the new arrivals.

As if on cue, her name appeared at the top of my mailbox. She is to ocean exploration what Kelly Slater is to surf. Not only had she paddled across every single ocean on the planet, but she had decided to “start” her explorer career at an age when usually everyone else chooses to forgo their dreams and accept their given fate.

Over the years, Roz Savage and I had become good friends and every time our complicated lives managed to cross each other, we would always cherish our long philosophical conversations. Even though she was in London, her email was an invitation for another conversation. She was asking me to be on her next “Adventure Podcast.”

After some logistics and scheduling, we found ourselves a couple of days later connected over Skype.

Here is the interview.

Be ready for some philosophical talk about exploration, conservation and photography.

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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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Read 3 comments and reply

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