January 2, 2014

A New Olympic Event on the Horizon?

Oftentimes, I get these quirky ideas to check out what is coming up for the Olympics.

I am an Olympic junkie—both winter and summer Games. Watching athletes embrace their passion with a vengeance gives me chills for weeks on end—it feels so raw and alive.

I plan all of my own work and activities around what event I want to watch, so when I recently saw this video depicting the combination of jumping rope and running track, I became so excited with a new Olympic event possibility.

Both activities are absolutely right up my alley, both activities require skill and precision, and both are exhausting and fun all the same.

Granted, the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia won’t be showcasing any track and field events, yet what are the odds that this most unique sport could make it into the summer Olympics in a few years? Not that I would try out by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure is exciting to watch the athletes run while twirling a rope a million miles a minute.

When I used to teach conditioning classes back in the day, I had many participants running and skipping rope at the same time, mainly because I was looking for interesting ways to jump rope besides just standing in place and shifting the feet up from time to time.

Running and roping is an excellent work out that requires proper form and alignment.

If it becomes an Olympic event, which this organization is desperately hoping for, then possibly look for it in 2016.

Everyone who excels at both sports could try their hand at making into a reality—I mean, this New Year is all about change and doing things differently, so why not jump (no pun intended) on the bandwagon, shake up the track and field world, and combine two very worthwhile activities. I feel it is a must, especially if this winter we can sit through hours of curling events during the Games held in Sochi next month. Speed is way more exciting!

Here’s a sneak peak at what is going down-or up and very fast forward-at the Jump Rope Sprint site. The USATF has made its debut at a collegiate event in San Diego. I believe it is raring to take the summer racing world by storm.

Newness like this is just a matter of time.

Look out future Olympics, there might be another even lurking around the corner.


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