January 22, 2014

A Poem About Her. ~ Joanna (Asia) Vermaak

A Poem About Her

She walked just like a humming bird,

so innocent and sweet

Although her scent would linger here

long after and deep…


with all my might I would resist

the tempest though would just persist

the vapor here would disappear

yet my state of mind remained unclear.


Apposed by life’s small mysteries

with timeless window galaxies

unspoken dreams, regretted wor(l)ds

bashing pride with rules unwritten

of maps leading to treasures deeply hidden

(in cavities of human hearts)


yet deep inside, I’d always wonder

awake I’d lie at night & ponder

upon the theories alluding here;

bitter sweet would never taste as good

as her sinful forbidden fruit.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo:  chantel beam photography/Flickr

Read 2 Comments and Reply

Read 2 comments and reply

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