January 31, 2014

Come On, Let’s Go to Bed: Here’s Why! {Video}

Sure, sure. I bet you were thinking about sex, but not this time.

I’m talking about our brains. They want us to go to bed. Yes, those lovely squishy things need us to curl up under our blankets, close our eyes and dream.

I write these words with the brain fog that comes right before sleep, just as rain begins to fall outside, cleansing the the gritty streets.

Our brains want us to sleep, so the glymphatic system—sort of like the ultimate housekeeper—can take over to scrub our brains while we rest. No wonder we awake feeling refreshed after a solid night of sleep. (Yes, I need one.)

So, come on, let’s go to bed, but first check out this video before you slip off into dreamland:


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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo Credit: Danny Tan/Pixoto


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