January 28, 2014

How to Protect Your iPhone in 6 Steps. ~ Jennifer Moore

I started making my Gratitude List for the day last night.

This piece was going to be about that; taking time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for. There is much.

But then came the incident with my iPhone.

Atticus and I went to my Dad’s for dinner. I was grateful to pass up the opportunity to make something with the celery, oranges, capers and cilantro (all that I had in my fridge) and enjoy a meal prepared lovingly for me.

When I got to his house, I realized I did not have my iPhone—I was certain I hadn’t dropped it in the snow; so I relaxed into the evening and put it out of my mind.

When we returned home I began my search; it was brief. I entered the kitchen from the dining room and saw my white iPhone lying on the counter. I ran to it and reached out to grab it. It slipped through my hands toward the ground. In an effort to avoid it smashing to the floor, I batted it.

In slow motion, it flew up (in a perfect arc), across the kitchen (just out of my reach) and landed directly in the cat’s water fountain. I scooped it up and ripped the cover off. Rice! I remembered all the discussions about rice saving cell phones. In my pantry I had brown rice, wild rice and black rice (damn my healthy eating)…no white rice. I chose brown. I grabbed a Ziploc bag, switched the phone off and plunged it into the rice.

The moment I reached out for the cell phone, I should have paused and taken a breath. I am not a clumsy person or prone to accidents. These things happen when I move too quickly, without breath and without full awareness. I may have looked like a ninja as I flung my arms up and dove across the kitchen, but my ninja skills where dormant when I first reached for the phone: the crucial moment.

Here’s what I didn’t do: Lose my peace. I didn’t get angry, I didn’t blame myself, or my son, or my cat, or my dear friend who gave me the cat fountain (yes it was a gift). My study of yoga (and myself) is working!

What did I do? I acted rationally and intentionally. And then… I laughed. I LMAO (second time I have used that acronym). I went on Facebook and connected with friends, some I haven’t spoken to in ages. I shared my very real, human moment with joy (and a sense of humor) and people laughed with me. I fell in love with Facebook at that moment.

The Practice:

Commit to the yogic life, not just an asana practice, but the whole package (because practice does lead to peace).
Make a gratitude list every night. Because when @$&% hits the fan, it will seem manageable.
Use social media mindfully. To connect. To be Inspired.
Purchase a waterproof case for the iPhone.
Slow down.
Exhale before every act that has Olympic potential (this is every act).


Disclaimer: No iPhone or cat was harmed in the making of this photograph. It is a re-enactment for the purpose of amusement.

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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Jennifer Moore


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Read 1 comment and reply

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