January 6, 2014

How to Source Out Creativity. ~ Adedayo Fashanu

I recently discovered that I am an artist.

Why? Not because I paint or draw or act or sing, but because I am more in tune with my creative side now more than I have ever been—therefore, I call myself an artist.

I breathe through seeing abstract possibilities and marvel knowing that something formless, shapeless and very abstract can transform into something tangible and with form. I marvel at the idea and the possibility that that transformation can occur due to the creative energy that continuously burns in me.

Like right now, a blank screen has become filled with my words in less than five minutes. I just created these words sitting behind my home desk typing my thoughts out through my creative mind; and here you are reading these words. This is proof that creativity is innate, so natural, simple, deep, instant, vibrant, passionate, alive, moving, scary, open, daring, free, bursting, energetic and real.

All you have to do is source for it! How?

1. Allow yourself permission to let go and just be.

When you’re facing stumbling blocks and everything seems to just not be happening the way you would like, it’s time to source out your creativity. What creativity does is to fuel you “to make” answers to your desires. If you’re able to just let yourself go at that intersection; if you’re able to just imagine and think outside the box; If you’re able to splash your ideas with no judgement and no reservations, you’ll find answers that clear your stumbling blocks, meeting prosperity with evidence.

2. Redesign your environment to become sacred for you.

A messy house, a messy room, messy work environment never ignites authentic creativity. For you to become creative, your environmental state is of utmost importance. Your immediate surroundings should be sacred to you and as such, you first have to recognize that you need space and that space is sacred.

A quick tip here: de-clutter and throw away junk and then allow ventilation, natural air and light to permeate somehow. Then, transform the color of this space—by adding an extra lamp, candles, pillows or wallpaper, you can transform your space into a sacred space.

The process of transforming and redesigning this space alone will automatically ignite your creative energy. From there, you’ll form more ideas and your creativity becomes fully sourced. Just be ready to go to work!

3. Detox your mind and body.

Feeling overfed? Feeling lonely? Feeling depressed? Feeling constantly hungry? Going through a break up? Trouble with your spouse? Last year was the last time you got on a treadmill or did any exercise? Eating processed foods all the time? On a McDonald’s diet? All these and more are blocks to sourcing out creativity.

You have to work through these blocks first and the process of doing so will eventually bring back your mojo and light up get your creative energy again.

A few quick tips for detoxing your mind and body:

– start journaling your thoughts
– start exercising or adding some kind of movement to your lifestyle
– start your mornings with lemon juice and warm water
add green juices at least once a day to your meals
– quit the sodas and processed foods
– eat more fruits and vegetables
– face issues head on such as in your relationships or career
– learn to speak your truth always.

By following one or all of these tips, your create room in your mind and body for creativity to be ignited!

4. Consciously seek to have fun

Creativity doesn’t have to be mundane or boring. Creativity should be a fun process that sparks all things wild within your imagination. Dance to great music while trying to create, have a glass of red wine with some veggie chips while trying to create, engage with loved ones who encourage you, make you laugh and constructively criticize you when need be.

If you’re still stuck during your creation process, ditch the whole thing and just sit still for a while, get cooking (or engaged in something you really love), go for a long drive or to a place where there are a lot of people (like a restaurant, a market/store, a museum or whatever outdoor place you have at your disposal). Inspiration to create will spark when you observe.

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Assistant Editor: Jamie Khoo/Ed: Bryonie Wise

Photo: David Sim/Flickr Creative Commons

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