January 12, 2014

My Life is my Prayer. ~ Edith Lazenby

Lately, I have been assessing where I am and what I want.

Many do this every time a year changes.

I do not. But as you may have read, last summer my life changed and asked me to change with it.

I went out with one of my new friends and she offered to pay for dinner and I said: “I never say no to prayers or money.”

And I don’t.

Money is something elusive in my life. I never have enough and I always have enough. I manage to pay bills and get what I want and need on a day to day basis. The bigger things I want remain in my hopes, a basket of buds that bloom with proper nourishment and lots of grace.

You see I believe in money. And I believe in grace.

I believe there’s enough money for all of us to have what we need if we only learn how to manage what we have.

And grace feeds every breath, informs  prana, answers prayers and makes miracles happen every day .

Grace is finding the strength to dream and the heart to grieve.

Grace is making new friends and having them buy my dinner. Grace is giving gifts to people I love. Grace knows there’s always enough.

My financial situation makes it so that I don’t say “no” to money and my heart understands there are many ways to give as well as ways to say thank you.

I don’t get on my knees. I don’t have a mantra.

But my life is my prayer.

My life is an offering to love those I meet. I make kindness visible with the grace of care. I do my best. I take responsibility that sometimes I mess up, am not kind and lose my way. My life asks me to play at work and work at play. My life asks me to find miracles in the moon’s darkness and sun’s shadows.

My life asks me to shine even when it rains. And though I lose my way most days at some point, grace points me back so I can stand in any light.

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

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