January 8, 2014

The Visual Poetry of Video-Collective, Everynone. (Brief, Breathtaking Videos.)

People never cease to amaze me.

There really is an endless supply of creativity out there.

And tapping into it reminds me of the limitless nature of other things:  love, humor, compassion, empathy, heart, heartbreak.

I came across the short film, WORDS, by the film-making collective, Everynone, and it’s become a temporary obsession. I have watched it again and again, mesmerized, to uncover the brief but complex evolution of words, as they are expressed in the images.

(Gentle spoiler alert:) Play, blow, break, split, run, fly, fall, light, space…

WORDS is my favorite, but Everynone, has made many others that are just as genius in their ability to capture grand spectrums in a tiny period of time—similar to a perfect haiku or a six-word memoir.  

(Elephant shared the movie, Moments, many years ago.)

I can’t help but to share a few more.

Re: WORDS is a rebuttal to WORDS, where they recreated the original using only videos found on youtube.


Losers is a heart-wrenching film about bullying.


Laughs is a movie comprised simply of laughter-videos that were posted on youtube.  (A good one to follow the bullying video.)


Symmetry was seen on Radiolab/WNYC and is logic-defying in its seamless-ness.


And there are many more on their website.

These videos are minutes-long. Short enough to watch while your child is in the bathroom, while the car is warming up in the driveway, if you are in need of something, but don’t quite know what.

There is such mastery in the art of skillful editing.

And expression for the sake of connecting is always appreciated. No matter how brief.


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

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Read 4 comments and reply

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