January 21, 2014

When Cows Fly. ~ Edith Lazenby

I am thinking when cows fly I will grow snow out of my toes.

I am thinking when cows fly my bank account will overflow. I am thinking when cows fly the spots I see will fall off their hides and I will no longer need to hide.

One of my teachers said I hide—I don’t know I am hiding half the time and the other half I veil who I am in a shawl of words that have no meaning. Then as my vocation I take meaning and sculpt it with words to draw the lies out of my heart so I can uncover those truths that let me know it’s okay to show my heart to those I know and those I don’t.

So you may not think cows can fly, but in my mind they do. In my mind cows, don’t moo but sing lull-a-byes. In my mind, we all tell lies to serve truth and we serve the truth to hide our lies.

In my mind, I can be the best at whatever I dream.

In my mind, my dreams come true.

In my mind, I unravel the knots in life to weave a rope that hangs deception between the notes of lyric and folds it on edges that soften because understanding gives more than it takes.

I have lived a life where cows grow wings and meaning is specific.

And what I know and what I don’t cannot be weighed but if given a scale to see which matters more I’d hope all my knowing equaled ether for the space it would give and my need to know was able to flow like water and give me room to float.

Cows don’t matter. Truth might. Today, my truth is cows fly.

Today, my truth helps me know when to hide and when to be.

My bank account may never overflow. I may not know much. I use words to show what I want when I want. But truths don’t need wings the way cows do.

And I know all I need can be met in my dreams.



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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons


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