February 15, 2014

3 Practices to Heal a Heart: Practice 2. ~ Jennifer Moore

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To heal we need to love more—unconditionally.

We are not broken. We are alive. We feel. We are made for love.

My first bike had training wheels. They helped me balance so I could focus on pedaling and moving forward. Getting leverage and coordinating the leg movement came quickly, with guidance from my very patient parents. And then the training wheels came off.

My first time without the extra support, I fell and scraped up my leg. I got on the bike again. Next time I was going so fast I couldn’t stop and choose to crash-land on the lawn to end the ride. I had forgotten all about the brakes.

I got on the bike again. And again.

One day, without realizing it, I became a bike rider. Occasionally I’d wipe out. Once I slipped forward and crotched myself on the crossbar. But most of the time I was upright with a huge smile on my face, flying around the neighborhood.

Healing happens when we believe in ourselves, in our ability to fly, and never give up—no matter how many times we get scraped (or crotched).

I used to believe that unconditional love was something parents had for children; and that other love was different. Love is unconditional. Love is a conscious act and we have a choice.

Practice Two: Love more.

Perform random acts of kindness.
Discover new gestures of love.
Engage in selfless service.
Find ways throughout the day to express love.
Love without needing (expecting, requiring, desiring) anything in return.
Love unconditionally.
Make it a habit.

Forge ahead with the intention to love unconditionally and mindfully from a place of deep awareness.

And never give up.

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