February 12, 2014

4 Ways Mindful Entrepreneurs Can Become Successful.

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Marketing is what creates success.

Everybody’s business fails without awareness.

Common approaches to marketing are expensive. Ads, yellow page placements, television adverts and traditional marketing approaches are out of reach for most small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs. Printing and distributing flyers, gasoline costs and other promotional avenues can seem like a small cost, yet can quickly build.

What has worked for me is a strategy that I call “income positive marketing.”

Income positive marketing are efforts to create awareness that either cost nothing except time or create income in addition to being a marketing campaign.

It’s based on the premise that money doesn’t come from money, money comes from people. And that requires relationship skills, identifying them and putting people first.

Writing is key to marketing success.

If you want exposure for your business, service or talent, nothing tops writing.

Writing demonstrates the level of skill and aptitude in your chosen profession. Being able to write about your experiences, techniques and approaches demonstrates to other people your skill level. Rather than chasing people for sales, writing becomes a magnetic marketing approach that draws people who are interested in what you have to offer.

The easiest people to sell to are the ones who want what you have. Then, it isn’t sales. It is simple communication and respect.

eBay, Etsy, Amazon and other online sales channels are positive income marketing strategies.

Having been a silver power seller on eBay, I do know how difficult and competitive the online marketplace can be. However, the approach to online sales can totally change the game. If the focus is on making all the money through that sales channel, it can become a source of competitive stress. When the approach includes a way to initiate and build a relationship, stability and long-term success becomes a possibility.

Any sale that is made through an online market is a customer who has demonstrated that they want what you have and trust you to provide that.

It is easier to market and sell to somebody with whom you’ve developed trusting relationship than to create new sales.

With online sales it is possible to grow the customer base with a newsletter and simple follow-up communication. Real communication has far more success than canned responses.

This turns an online market into a place where income can be made and a place for generating leads for future sales.

Seeing the next step in developing customer relationship is key to prosperity.

Community Involvement.

As a yoga instructor I am placed in front of people all the time. And while I do not advertise that I have other skills during class, people do talk with me. And in sharing that I am a musician, web developer, writer and artist, other opportunities arise.

When I perform as a musician, I meet people who are interested in yoga classes. And as a writer, I meet people who are interested in my design skills. When hosting workshops, people are interested in writing and art. Everything I do supports the other activities in my life.

There are many ways to be involved in a community. It is important to find an avenue of expression that allows freedom of expression, a felt sense of naturalness and genuine love for what is being done.

Support Others.

Another great way to generate awareness is to show up for other people. As an example, when a guest musician shows up to perform and gives their time, the other musicians will often spotlight that performer. However a person offers support, with a chance to show up and share, interested people will approach.

Authentic endorsements from other people are invaluable.

These are just a few approaches that have provided epic results for me. These are natural and easy methods for supporting my craft, and I hope that my ideas and insight may assist you.

For some additional marketing ideas I suggest reading books on guerrilla marketing.

And in the famous words of Spock: “Live Long, and Prosper.”

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Abhishek Gandhi/Pixoto

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