February 2, 2014

Conversations Within: Will You Love Me Even When…?


So this is it?


We just…unravel?


But then, we’ll have no curtains.

“I know.”

What if you don’t love the bits I keep hidden?

“I will love them.”

Well, what if later you don’t?

“I love you—all of your you-ness.”

I am afraid.

“You will be safe with me.”

You’ll love all of me?


Even my morning breath and sideways bed head?

“I love all of you.”

You’ll love me on the days I want to eat popcorn for supper and watch three movies in a row?

“I want all of you.”

Some days, I don’t shower.

“You’re perfect, as is.”

What about the days I am really freaking cranky?

“I’ll appreciate the cranky.”

What if I am cranky for lots of days in a row? Or sad?

“I’ll just love you.”

Even when you find my drawers of mess?


Some days—my underwear and bra don’t match. Well, most days they don’t.

“Your shell doesn’t interest me.”

What about the days I stumble and make mistakes? Sometimes, I’m an asshole.

“I’ll forgive you. You’re human.”

Even if I need to stumble in the same place twice?

“Yes. Even if you stumble six.”

Why are you willing to just show up, and love me—all of me?

“Because, I have you. I have you every moment of everyday from now until the end of moments. I’d be silly not to love you and cradle all of you in my heart.”


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Allowing Relationships to Work: A Guide to Unconditional Love. ~ Demetra Szatkowski

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