February 22, 2014

If I could Say Anything: What would I Say? ~ Edith Lazenby

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I would say dream big and never give up.

I  would say tickle fear at night with feathers so she’d fly away and courage would give you wings. I would say faith is the greatest gift.

Believe in what works for you, not me or your parents or friends.

Anything is possible [this I have said before] but not everything.

I would tell you going crazy is the most terrifying thing I have known, but not the most painful.

I would tell you of the joys of sharing and the gifts of opening the heart to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable uses those wings and arms us for life’s greatest of gifts: Love.

I would ask you to love without hope, give to give, and know all that is needed will be given.

And I would give the gift of hope that knows even if things get worse she sits like an angel and hugs the worst of moments as if they were the best.

I would say take the fires of passion and create what moves you:  art, music, business, money, a home, pictures, jewelry, a way of being or a way of living.

Paint dreams in the clouds and look to the heart for wisdom.

I would tell you thinking is highly over-rated.

Remember to listen to the body. She cannot lie and only wants to give what is needed.

The universe works towards healing with every breath taken.

You will ache. You will suffer and know loss and betrayal.

And you can forgive and grieve. Love yourself.  Love those who betray you.

And move on.

Live in the moment. Be present.

Embrace joy and love and gratitude. Place effort in these three and life will unfold in a way that will surprise even you.

This is what I would say if I could say anything. What would you say?



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