February 18, 2014

Photos: “Katie the Yogi.” ~ Joe Elario.

Wherever you are in your practice, it’s perfect.Katie and Joe have plans to recreate their yoga pictures as Katie’s practice continues to grow. That’s what is so inspiring about yoga—it never stops—there’s always something new to learn, which is the best part about the life long “practice.” Share this photo series? Hashtag: #practiceisperfect

One thing about my job is that there’s always something different around the corner (or in this case, down the block) waiting to be photographed. I just never know what tomorrow will bring to capture.

That is where Katie comes in.



I’ve known Katie’s sister, Kelly, my whole life. When we were kids, Kelly (who at the time was like a foot taller than me) pushed me off my bike. Haha: sorry, Kelly, had to let the world know that one. Anyways, I remember seeing little Katie around the Collins’ home back in the late 90′s when Kelly would throw “get togethers” (seems like I’m throwing Kelly under the bus here huh?) Anyways, cut to years later and throw in the “Smalbany” factor, and while dining at a favorite place down the block I would always think to myself, gosh my waitress looks like someone I know. Took me awhile ’til I figured out little Katie Collins was all grown up.

And standing on her head.

Katie’s what I would call a bit of a yoga nut—and I mean that in a good way. Over the past five years this girl has found her calling, and has pretty much dedicated her lifestyle to yoga and health. She’s been teaching yoga for a few years now. As a reward for her success, we did this shoot for her new venture. I love the overall feel of this shoot. I wanted to capture some images of the everyday Katie as well (photos here) as the Katie the Yogi. One thing I realized after this session was that I need to learn how to stand on my head and do the crow on a damn paddle board! This girl is strong, and super easy to photograph—so enjoy.

Peace and namaste,

~ JP

I found this location that I thought would work perfect for these images.
Get your crow on…
I love these two images side by side in b&w…
a couple favorites of mine.

making it look easyThis morning I tried the pose on the left and fell over. (I’m kidding)
another favorite.
homegirl is strong!
I do have a lot of favorites from this session, and I remember when I took this I really liked it.
Yoga on a paddle board…

now you’re just showing off


For more, read Katie’s hit:

A misconception that some men have about those women who teach yoga.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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