February 7, 2014

The Best ‘Spiritual’ Advice Ever. {Funny}

fuck it book john c. parkin

Warning: Graphic language ahead!!!

Let’s take a good look around: with the exception of something immediately stressful, tragic, bad, urgent—what is there really to be that stressed about?

“…we could argue until the second coming (mmm, don’t you just love that expression?) about what ‘spiritual’ actually means. In a broad sense, it’s usually defined as the non-material: in whatever non-shape or non-form. But even this doesn’t quite do it for me. I can get ‘spiritual’ feelings from the most material and everyday things.”

What are you letting control you in this moment?

What mind things can you be free of right now?

“The problem for most of us in the West—as stressed out, uptight, anxious and controlling as we are—is that we need something with the balls of an expression like Fuck It to jerk us into a more relaxed state.

It also has the added advantage that it doesn’t involve any of the following:

    • praying
    • chanting
    • meditating
    • wearing sandals
    • singing songs to acoustic guitars
    • developing a belief that you’re right and everyone else is wrong
    • killing people
    • eating beans
    • wearing orange
    • stopping yourself from doing things that you want to do
    • rules
    • pretending to be happy when you’re not
    • saying Amen, unless you really want to

Amen.” ~ John C. Parkin

It’s important to know what big challenges and fears need to be faced, while at the same time choosing to let go of that which does not serve your soul.

Let go. 

Sometimes exactly what we fear is letting go.

You can say it Louis C.K. style, more like ‘fuggit.’

And while we’re at it, I want to give a ‘fuggit’ shout out to all this talk about ‘the universe’ (I mean, the use of it, like when people put a lot of weight on it and add a capital ‘U’).

I mean to just poke funa little bit—at how this new agey thing where everyone refers to the universe as if it’s the be all and end all.

I know what it means but really when we say ‘leaving it to the universe’ this actually means that we aren’t really that worried about things.

How about giving ourselves some credit for being able to let it go! ‘Cause that’s a pretty awesome thing to be able to do.

And/or just follow The Dude and take your ‘fuck it’ bowling.


*Image and excerpts in this article are from the awesome and hilarious book ‘f**k it: the ultimate spiritual way’ by John C. Parkin (funny/smart/vulgar/spiritual humour all at the same time—highly recommended, if you want to laugh).


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