February 1, 2014

The Energy of Life. ~ Boyd Lundrigan {Poem}


purple NASA galaxy hubble picture

Let go of the thoughts
That race through my mind
And patiently wait
For the stillness inside.

A connection to peace
Dwells within;
With a quiet mind
My journey begins.

My body null
And wonderfully void
As I seep through the walls
That hold back the quiet.

Blissfully lost
As I move past my mind
And enter the gap,
Become one with the Divine.

Instantly molten
As I seamlessly blend
With the energy of life;
No beginning, no end.

I am fire and ice
I am the blackness of night
And the stars that shine
In the heavens so bright.

I am the waves that lap
And polish the shore
As I dance and dazzle
In the salt sea air.

I am the rains that fall
From the swollen sky
And the winds that sweep
‘Cross the mountains high.

I find my way
To the valleys below.
Around each turn
To the ocean I flow.

I am the ocean
With strength and might
I am thunder and lighting,
And I am the night.

I am the flowers,
The grass, the hills and trees
The moonbeams, the sparrows,
A warm playful breeze.

I am one, I am all
As I flow along,
I am the chorus of life;
I am the song.

I am attached to nothing,
No thoughts, no strife,
Yet I am everything;
I am the energy of life.


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Assistant Editor: Richard May/Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: NASA/Wikimedia Commons

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Read 4 comments and reply

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