March 6, 2014

Body Talks. ~ Lauryn DeGrado


It’s a new day and a magical time to be alive.

Since the time of Descartes there has been a division, not just between mind and body, between those that accept and those that deny the body possesses consciousness. That is all about to change and by change I mean evolve the state of humanity. Get ready for the newest and biggest revolution in the nature of thought imaginable.

Bottom up thinking is where intuition arises from and metaphorical folk knowledge is demonstrating that we all share this feature, we just don’t realize it. Listening to the bodies needs, hopes, and desires will revolutionize commerce, medicine, basically life as it is currently known. And you are the starship, welcome to the new world.

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Davids Brain via WikiMedia Commons


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