March 4, 2014

I Want to Dance With You. ~ Elien De Proost

Austin Statts, PIxoto

I want to dance with you; I want to hold you and let you go, I want to be pulled close and be released, I want us to sway around until my head is spinning.

I want to dance to the rhythm of this life, to the beat of the earth, lighthearted like a child.

In our dance, we will draw away from each other to dance solo, to move wild and free with the wind in our hairs and our hands raised to the sky, always reaching higher, growing wings to take off into the unknown. Then our feet will bring us back to each other, you will bend me over with one hand on my chest and at the same time you will draw me to your hips. I will expose myself to you, my hair will fall back to unveil my pale shoulders.

I will tremble and feel breathless as your hands caress me and then both move through my hair to pull me up until our eyes are only inches away from each other. I will feel you breathing, I will inhale your breath and open my lips for you to taste me. I will feel your muscles through your skirt, you will lift me up to touch the sky and I will wrap my thighs around you and we will sink into the earth together.

The earth will hold us like a mother her children, and the passion in our movements will plant the seeds of life.

When the sun draws back his last rays of warmth and darkness throws out his shadows, you will light the flame inside me and I will heat you up with my eyes. They will tell you and wander over your body. I will heat you up with my mouth, making a trail of feathery kisses down your body. I will heat you up with my movements, dancing a passionate tango for your eyes only.

The moon will caress my body while I move, light will dance on my breasts and swirl around my hips. Telling you to fill me up, calling you to complete me. We will harmonize like a symphony.

Later your head will sink onto my chest and you will listen to my heart beat out of tune. I will curl up against your chest; make myself fit into your body. Skin on skin we will lay there and listen to the world.

I will say a silent prayer for I have found you and you are all I need and want, solitude and togetherness, passion and peace, freedom and commitment.

In the morning I have a plane to catch and I will stretch myself like a cat, we might finish our dance in the shower and I will make you a tea before I close the door behind me. I love leaving as much as I love to come back. I’ll come back with the same consistency rivers flow to the ocean.

You will not wait around, for you have things to do. You are full, and busy, and I will feel good knowing you will miss me yet you won’t. You might not be around when I’m arriving at your doorstep, because your passion needs focus. It’s that focus and passion that will draw me to you like a moth to a flame. I will meditate under the sycamore tree and listen to music. I will fall asleep in your t-shirt, blissfully surrounded by your scent. Knowing you will always save the last dance for me.

Sometimes, I will miss you too much. I will get lost in my mind and stop listening to my heart. It will make me troublesome, like a child throwing a tantrum I will provoke you. I will be unreasonable. You will get mildly annoyed, grabbing me, holding me close to your heart, until you pull me onto your lap, lovingly making fun of me. You will pin me down softly and look deep into my eyes. They will tell exactly what I need to know. Your strong body pressed against me will tell me the rest. You will scoop me up, bite and tease me until I can giggle no more. You will leave me no pause to breathe. My body will be my gift of gratitude for your patience.

I want to sit in front of the fire, or at the window of my favorite café or against the trunk of a tree and talk to you. There will be so much to say. I think you will be a talented story-teller and I will absorb your words. Will I get to talk to you in Berlin, Chicago or Casablanca? Will I have to go as far as India or Japan? I will laugh and cry and be intensely content that I can get to know the depths of your soul. You will ask about me and I will share the little stories, the poetry and the horrors, the big picture, it will all be painted before your eyes.

I want to connect with you like I have done with no one before; because only with you energy will flow as vivid and lively, telling us we are exactly where we belong in this wide world.

After a while, I will be able to read you without a sound. I will probably feel your moods even when we’re a thousand miles apart, and I will call just to hear you breathe.

You are free. I am reckless. I want to live life with a breathtaking intensity. I want to wander off and disappear into the woods. I want to hide from the whole world. I want to take part in this world. Sometimes I will hide with you, my safe haven. Sometimes you and I will take the world together. Sometimes I’ll hide even from you. Some things I have to do alone. You will know. You will know that when I think of home, I think of you.

I will love the whole world and it’s creatures. I will bring all that love back to you. I want you to know that you can always come back, as you are always free to leave. Just know that you are carrying little parts of you with me, the tenderness of my heart, the light in my eyes, the longing in my body. Don’t stay away too long. Stay away as long as you like. For you are free. Do as you choose. But know this: I would love you to come back, over and over.

Stay a little longer. If you wish. Stay forever. With all my heart I will set you free.

Time in time again.

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Editorial Assistant: Holly Horne/Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Austin Statts, Pixoto

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