March 5, 2014

Just Say Yes. ~ Jillian Locke

Jump Yes

Yes. I want to. I will.

That’s what the month of March is all about: Commitment.

Committing to our purpose, forward movement, breaking free of stagnant situations and patterns.

All systems go.

Once we commit to making changes, embracing discipline and forging forward, the opportunities to do so are going to come quickly. Options that we never entertained, even in our most frenzied moments of plotting and brainstorming, are going to manifest. Roads that we would never think to travel are going to open up to us and present us with decisions—moments requiring quick, decisive action.

Those moments that we just know the only answer is yes.

Those moments come every so often, mostly after I’ve let go and given everything up; usually after my brain’s buzzing so hard that I’m tired all the time from thinking and planning and searching and trying to figure things out.

Those are the moments when I just let go, when I literally say to the universe:

“Okay. I’m giving this up. I’m giving up trying to figure this out. I’m trusting—I’m putting full faith in you. Give me signs. Point me in the right direction. Present me with the best opportunities, and I promise I’ll take them.”

Then we watch those moments roll in—those miraculous times when everything we’ve been asking for comes together seamlessly, in a way we never could have foreseen; in ways that we’d never even thought of. That’s the beauty of giving things up and quieting our minds.

That’s the beauty in surrender.

Sometimes, all it takes is to stop pushing so hard towards something and just let the powers that be take the reins and lead. Because we’ve done all the work—we’ve directed all the energy toward a goal, even if that goal, that destination, isn’t clearly defined. We know how we want to feel, we know things that make us happy, things that bring us fulfillment.

We have a vision in our heart’s mind of the type of work we want to be doing, the kind of people we want to be surrounded by, even the sort of environment we’d like to live in.

But there’s always room for improvement.

There’s always room for improvisation, imagination…for better. There’s always room for better. The beauty in better is that sometimes, we can’t even imagine how much better our lives can be, because up until this point, all of our accumulated experiences are all we know.

We watch the lives of our loved ones unfold, see things happen for them that we ourselves have never experienced, and sometimes we secretly yearn for those things; those feelings that certain life situations and experiences create.

Those feelings that we wonder if we’ll ever feel.

How do you create feelings you’ve never felt?

Simple: imagine them. Imagination is so key.

I feel imagination and surrender go hand in hand, because when we give ourselves permission to imagine better, we’re surrendering our limitations. We give up everything we know in favor of those things we perceive as better, even though we’ve never experienced them. We give ourselves permission to imagine better…a better job, better health, a better personal environment, more abundance, more fulfilling relationships.

Give your life a facelift.

Give yourself permission to dream. Give yourself time and space to imagine the life you really want to live, and then give it up. Give it all up. Tell the universe that you’re done with trying to figure everything out, then release all of the incredible images of “better” that you’ve painted in your heart’s mind. Release the power and energy that it took to conjure them, but hold onto one thing:

Hold onto the feelings those images generated. Hold onto that warmth in your belly, that feeling of contentedness you begin to feel rise from your core; a swirling cylinder of energy rising all the way through your chest, permeating your heart, clearing your throat, strengthening your sight and empowering your mind.

That’s imagination. That’s surrender. That’s alchemy. That’s the ultimate power of change and co-creation.

We all possess the innate ability to do this. We all hold within us the seeds of “better”; the sprouts of our greatest, most mind-staggering potential that we’re terrified to unleash.

Commit to yourself. Commit to your life. Commit to your purpose. If you don’t know your purpose, just ask. Seriously. Just ask, and be ready to follow the signs and guidance. They’ll come swiftly, sometimes faster than you’re ready to handle. But if you’re serious, you’ll be lead and supported.

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is the gift of commitment—committing to making our time here count.

Committing to more than taking up space with our malcontent and wishful thinking. Committing to creating the life of our dreams so that when it’s our time to move onto our next phase, we can do so without regrets.

Because seriously, fuck regret. Be here now. Live life to the fullest, no matter what anyone says.

This is our story—each and every one of us. You hear people say all the time, “You think the world revolves around you? You think you’re the center of the universe?”

Well, yeah.

That’s exactly right. We truly are the centers of our own, personal realities. We are the axis of our universe—our existence. And that axis is our sacred flame, waiting for us to go inward and embrace it. Waiting for us to stoke the kindling and go after the firewood necessary to nurture and grow those sparks until they’re a raging inferno, burning deep within, nourishing and replenishing our tired, wary souls.

Now I know how it feels to fly
My eyes are wide open and my soul’s on fire…
There’s nothing I can do and there’s nothing I can say
I’ll be chasing this dragon till the fire goes away
It’s the truth…and the feeling in the sound
For the rest of my time on earth I’ll chase that dragon down…
It’s like my soul’s on fire.

~ Wisdom in Chains

So commit to yourself. Commit to your inner flame. Commit to anything that lights you up and inspires you to move towards better, towards the miraculous…towards building your life exactly the way you’ve always imagined it.

Because really, why else would we be here if not to be happy and to make others happy?

It’s such a simple truth, and simple truths are proving to be the most profound.

So, commit to going forth and being awesome!  (Fist pump!)


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: worak/Flickr

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