March 14, 2014

Trusting My Heart. ~ Dominika Lasek {Poem}

Photo: Dominika Lasek /one use for her article only

Time stood still

now sweet surrender…

Some days were easier than others, endless hours spent crying

oh love

Been holding on so hard despite everything inside falling to pieces asking for sweet surrender.

Months turned to years in this struggle…

Today I let go.

Proclaiming self love above everything else
 the only way to go on 
with love in my heart I show up

each out breath releases shattered dreams.

Shadows finally lifted revealing flickering light

burning strongly beyond the pain.

Joy awaits following one’s heart even though outside seems foggy at times.

Asking for guidance and strength to continue 
but most importantly forgiveness

My most precious ones riding this journey along side…

Trusting My Heart 
We love on.


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Editorial Assistant: Marcee Murray King / Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Courtesy of Author

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