March 8, 2014

What’s My Life’s Purpose? ~ Caroline Southwell


Have you ever heard yourself say (or think) the following:

What is my purpose?
Why am I here?
I don’t know which direction to go, or what I should be doing with my life.

If yes, then read on.

I believe we are on the planet for one reason, and one reason only: to self-actualise. That is to know who we are and to live a life in accordance with that. Now, read that again—who we actually are. Not who we think we should be, or who we’ve been conditioned to be, or who our parents say they want us to be, but who we actually are.

Now, how can we come to know who we really are?

Well, we have to start by working out what we are not. And then remove all that we are not, all that does not bring us joy (all the shoulds), all that does not bring fulfillment. From there we can uncover who we truly are.

“But what am I supposed to be doing?” I hear people ask.

Well, purpose is less in what we are doing, and more in who we are being. When we are being true to ourself, then we start to notice which things we want to do.

We will instinctively do that which brings us joy.

“But I can’t just go around doing what I want all day. I have to earn a living!” Yeah, I hear that a lot.

But, see, the thing is, that to feel a sense of fulfilment, and to truly be who we are, we find that we are not actually happy unless we find someone to serve. When we work out who we want to serve, and how we want to help the planet, then we will gain the fulfilment we desire and have yet another way to express who we truly are.

Short version: be who you truly are. Then your calling and “what to do with your life” will find you.


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