April 7, 2014

Have a Good Day, For Real.


When employees in customer service tell you to “have a good day,” do you believe them?

I don’t. I could leave their place of business and win the lottery, or get hit by a bus and they wouldn’t bat an eye at either.

No one has ever gone home and thought, Man I hope that one guy had a good day like I told him. The same way no one has ever thought, Thank God that guy told me to have a good day, I don’t think I would have pulled through without him.

Some cashiers don’t even take the time to be specific: Have a good one? What is the “one” you’re referring to? Have a good lunch, a good haircut, a good night’s sleep?

I’m even convinced a few customer service reps that have helped me have meant the opposite of the words they’re saying. Somehow, people can manage to have a tone, which turns “have a good day” to “whatever you do after this, I hope it sucks.”

The problem with this arises for the people who actually mean it. Those same people who ask you how you are and then actually listen; they want you to have a good day. However, it’s hard to tell the difference.

When I worked retail, I fell victim to comfort. Saying, “have a good day” before someone leaves is easy, natural and a lot less awkward than just saying, “okay, bye” as they walk out of the store.

But some people came in very obviously having a bad day, and when I looked them in the eye and told them to have a better one, I meant it. I do believe there are still cashiers, tellers, and customer service reps of all kinds out there that want us to have a good day.

Therefore, I want to bring the sincerity of “have a good day” back in style. Why wouldn’t we want our fellow strangers to have a good one?

You don’t need to work in customer service to wish a good day on people. See that guy on the bus, the mother with the three kids in line for popcorn at the movie theater? Tell them to have a good day, for real.

Your in-laws, even, but only when you mean it. Your professor and your boss. Your partner when they leave for work or school.

Wishing someone to have a good day is no small thing, so let’s bring back the love and wellness we mean when we used to say it. Then, we won’t have to try to decided who’s being nice and who truly cares.

So, have a good day. For real.


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Editor: Renée Picard

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