April 6, 2014

Heart Wide Open. ~ Cayla Schafer {Poem}

Lost - Rebecca Lammersen

I sit in still silence and remember

the day it happened.

The day when, my thoughts screamed between

the intricate patterns of the stucco ceiling.

We had a staring contest—me and the wall.

And I vaguely recall a phone call

where someone read me a chapter of the bible

Like the priest on a sinking titanic

A valiant effort, in hindsight;

Eyes like shutters, wide open all night

I drank a bottle of flower essence.

As if Heathertips could calm my mounting hysteria.

And now—here you are, in Your day it happened.

And here I am, my heart wide open;

your heart wide open

For entirely different reasons.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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