April 17, 2014

How to Increase our Knowledge with Wonderfully Whimsical Bubble Maps. ~ Stephanie Liao

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“I not only use all the brains that I have, but all I can borrow.” ~ Woodrow Wilson

Information is everywhere: concepts, ideas, notions, facts, opinions…

There’s so much stuff out there that it starts becoming mind-numbingly meaningless or straight up overwhelming.

Whichever way you choose to interpret data, there’s always a way of seeing it beautifully.

That’s exactly what WikiBrains does. A data visualization platform, it takes information and makes it worth looking at, allowing us to view connections in wonderfully whimsical bubble maps.

Because the information is crowd-sourced, it also gives us the freedom to change the way in which connections are made.

See the Energy map below and click on the image to check out the real-time movable bubble-map.


It’s important that we never stop learning, and a good way of doing that is to continually search for linkage among things that we value or find important. WikiBrains reminds us of that.

See the Yoga Benefits: Mind, Body & Soul map below:


Here are other maps related to yoga:

Yoga Mudras


The eight limbs of yoga

Different types of yoga 

And even celebrity yogis

If we understand our roles not only as viewers, but also as connectors, then we can start to see information in new and more personally meaningful ways.


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Apprentice Editor: Jessica Sandhu/Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photos: Flickr/wikibrains

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