April 7, 2014

Universal Spring. {Poem}

spring girl trees sun

Universal Spring

Fresh beliefs trickle in as mountain springs

Feelings flow more like streams

Say, what is in that puddle?

Ones hopes & prayers & dreams?


Leap into your puddle

Stomp until there’s drought

Until your inssights & naked wounds are mixed

You can’t know what life’s about


& when your rivulets evaporate

You need not feel fright

Resolved clouds coalesce & shower anew

All spirits will unite


Nary one billionth of a drop

Of this diverse, raw rain

Carries all courageous wisdom needed

For knowledge you need gain


By Laura Kutney

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Apprentice Editor: Brenna Fischer/Editor: Travis May & Jenna Penielle Lyons

Photo: Flickr

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