April 3, 2014

Write for elephant, make money maybe! Plus, here’s our Writers who won $$$ for March.

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“Write for elephant journal, get Rich!” Here’s who won last month.

elephant is dedicated to sharing the good word re: “the mindful life” beyond the core or choir and to all those who might give a care. We focus on anything that’s good (& fun, or sad if appropriate) for others, our planet, & ourselves.

Oh words, words, wonderful words!

Want to write, get paid? We believe in paying those writers who consistently contribute quality work to our community.

The Rules

Minimum: four new blogs a month—at least two in the first two weeks, at least two in the second two weeks (no squeaking posts in at the end of the month).

What makes a mindful contribution? Poetry, photos, adventure, green, videos (a great way to, a la Upworthy, share quality with minimal intro—that said, a video plus a quality article, is a consistent winner), family, meditation, Dharma, politics, social good, conscious consumerism, contemplative arts…oh my. You can blog up anything that connects with our mission: to share the mindful life beyond our choir.

Note: if you wish to collect your winnings, you must email your totals (list of articles with view counts) by 12pm MST on April 30th at the latest to editorial@elephantjournal dot com. Five minutes late? You get nothing.



THE DEADLINE IS FIRM (yes, it’s CAPS LOCK firm—no joke): No exceptions. If you submit early, we’re cool. If you submit late, we cannot and will not be able to pay you (don’t blow it).





If you miss the deadline, we might pay you, but you won’t be eligible to receive payment again. We’re a business and our accountant wants to pay everyone at once and we need to get these new blogs up the first of each month and Waylon gets to pay an editor who gets to take 12 hours, paid, to total up the totals by the 1st. So:












Elephant (thanks to our subscribers) paid $3175 to our consistent writers in March:

Levels for April:

> Casual Contributor level: Free 12-month gift subscription to elephantjournal.com for yourself and a friend if you put up 4 or more a month and total 10,000 readers or more in the month. Already have a subscription? Then you get two gifts.

> $75/month if you put up 5 or more this month (I spend say 10 minutes to 30 minutes on a blog, so that’s in the range of $50/hour) reaching 20,000 readers or more in the month.

> $200/month if you put up at least 6 blogs a month reaching 60,000 readers a month.

> $400/month if you put up at least 7 blogs a month reaching 108,000 readers in the month.

> $800/month if you put up at least 8 or more a month reaching 220,000 readers in the month.

> $1,500/month if you put up at least 9 or more a month reaching 450,000 readers in the month.

> $2,500/month if you put up at least 10 or more a month reaching 900,000 readers in the month.


General guidelines:

Good writers deserve to get paid.

First, you have to be >consistent< to “win.”

Secondly, we will not share anything that’s not >quality<, making it difficult for pointlessly sexy (lascivious) or kitteny (cute) posts lacking other merits to win. Thirdly, if your consistent and quality writing is popular, we’ll pay you for your work and I’m happy to be able to do this, based on our growth (elephant’s doing well, growing to 7.5 million, this month).

If you don’t want to get paid, you don’t have to play. Writing for the sake of love and sharing is wonderful.

Writers who are playing cannot share their own posts on Facebook main page, but can on our appropriate focus pages.

Anyone who shares anything like “Help me win so I can make money” will be disqualified: We reserve the right to disqualify anyone who is not writing or sharing in the spirit of our mission. A more mindful approach: “Help support my work on elephant, here’s an article about xxx yyyy” or “Help me, friends, by reading and sharing if so inspired.”

Join the Cause! Send your article to: elephantjournal.com/submit

(Note: editors and volunteers are eligible, but cannot share their own articles on our main Facebook page [you can, however, share the article once per day on appropriate focus pages] if you choose to “play.”

Who won in March? Our hero writers:

Totals go up each month if we grow each month. This month, we grew to 8.3 million readers a month.


 Brenna Fischer Brenna Fischer: 10 articles; 36,598 views for a deep bow of $75




Kimberly Lo: 20 articles; 67,014 views for holy cow of $200




Freya Watson: 7 articles; 28,938 views for a gassho of $75




Jennifer S. White-1550 : 16 articles; 89,666 views for a besos of $200




Zoë Kors : 6 articles; 42,484 views for a shalom of $75




Jennifer_Moore_biopic : 10 articles; 20,735 views for handstand of $75




victoriafeddenbiopic : 14 articles; 56,193 views for jump, skip and a hop of $75




Dana Gornall: 7 articles; 24,649 views for a star shower of $75




amaniomejerAmani Omejer: 12 articles; 40,116 views for a big hug of $75




Erica Leibrandt-1553 : 21 articles; 52,588 views for back flip of $75




Sara Rodriguez : 8 articles, 263,361 views for a holy cow of $800




Ann-Nichols-Headshot-100x100 : 10 articles; 22,868 views for a hallelujah of $75




Yoli Ramazzina: 11 articles; 12,598 views for a gassho of a gift subscription




Marthe-Weyandt-250x3331: 5 articles; 22,047 views for a deep bow of $75




Melissa Horton : 11 articles; 20,729 views for a beautiful $75




Gerry Ellen Avery-1496 : 9 articles; 21,350 views for spontaneous splits of $75




Anna Jorgensen: 5 articles; 24,385 views for a damn, girl of $75




Cami Krueger : 10 articles; 20,997 views for a deep breath of $75




Emily BartranEmily Bartran: 6 articles; 23,829 views for a deep bow of $75




lynn: 13 articles; 145,199 views for save the planet of $400




riker avalani carolyn : 8 articles; 24,562 views for a yyyyeeeaah of $75




Heather Grimes-509 : 8 articles; 26,866 views for a Shambhala bow of $75




Yaisa NioYiasa Nio: 9 articles; 32,561 views for a handstand of $75




Edith Lazenby : 11 articles;  28,833 views for a smooch of $75




Laura Kutney: 12 articles; 41,581 views for a big hug of $75




ashleigh hitchcock: 8 articles; 46,864 views for oodles of noodles of $75






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