June 1, 2014

A Deeper Meaning in #BringBackOurGirls. ~ Lee Kemter


#BringBackOurGirls is not just a catchy Twitter hashtag.

It is easy to focus only on the resolution of the complicated, political aspects of finding the girls. But there is more to this story, and it has far reaching effects.

The girls matter to each of us personally in ways that we can’t perceive with our rational minds. Because they bring us face to face with an aspect of ourselves that is both spiritually profound and scientifically significant. There is a higher spiritual truth that cannot be ignored.

We are all connected. What happens to one, happens to all of us.

Ghandi taught that as we offer compassion and love to one another, we unite. We find our deep, inner connection to each other and to our divine source.

It is easy to become busy with daily life and not notice that these girls are suffering. In fact, we can choose to move on with our emails, social media or other pressing tasks of the day.

But their cries and their needs are important and it is worth our time to notice them—they should matter to us personally.

When a group of people is affected by any event, it sends an emotional wave across the world. It happens with each political uprising, storm and outbreak of disease. People who are sensitive may wonder why they are feeling sad or scared right now. Could it have anything to do with world events like “#BringBackOurGirls”?

Science provides answers—simply, we are all connected.

To understand what this connection is, we can look to quantum physics. At the subtle levels of our physical being we are made of atoms, photons, and electrons. This simplistic form of our being is constantly radiating energy that is influenced by the vibrationing energy frequencies of the thoughts and emotions that we experience as well as those around us.

This energy frequency that we each omit goes out in quantum waves, reaching beyond time and space to every other particle in the universe—and beyond.

In this way, we are constantly interacting with every other individual in the universe in a subtle way. Through waves of vibrating frequency, we are all connected. We are one.

This is close to home for each of us. And beyond science, our connection to each other can be seen in a much more personal and spiritual way.

We cannot separate ourselves from each other at a core level. We affect each other in a myriad of ways throughout the day. Remember the last time someone picked up on your sadness or anger and asked, “Are you okay?”

What did that small gesture do for you?

Imagine what these girls may experience if the vibrational energy of millions of people poured out to them. Healing and nurturing vibrations of hope, courage and love.

In a world where we seem consistently separate, where we are constantly busy, we cannot ignore the deeper, spiritual connection that we share. No matter where we work or who we are, we are connected indelibly with each other.

Take a moment and sign a petition, join organizations that are active in helping bring the girls home or pause in your day and send a prayer of hope, courage and love to them.

After all, they are family—our universal sisters.

#BringBackOurGirls matters to each of us. What will you do?

Take a minute to feel your power make a difference for them, for yourself and for all of us. Your inspiration may spark an idea for others, so please share with us in the comments.

On the science of connection, check out the video below.

Thank you for your powerful vibrations and sincere wishes for these girls and for all of humanity.


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Apprentice Editor: Melissa Horton/ Editor: Travis May
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

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Read 2 comments and reply

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