May 11, 2014

Cyclists Should Be above the Law.

Bike Ride in City

Bicycles are a thing of genuine beauty.

There is simply nothing more poetic and profound than watching a human figure roll by on a bike. The improbability of it.

The perfection of balance and momentum. The struggle.

Joseph Stromberg posted something on The Vox yesterday that I loved reading: He wants bike riders to roll with impunity through stop signs and intersections.

I want that too. For Stromberg, It’s about intelligent traffic choices.

For me, it’s about freedom.

It’s about beauty.

It’s about wanting to see more of this:

Bike at Rest

And this:

Bike with Girl

It’s about self expression, and joy. It’s about getting around this planet without burning fossil fuels. It’s about rolling with a small footprint, and extending a hand to the people with the emotional fortitude to do that.

Bike Punk

It’s about liberation: every time we take back a useless law, that’s a win.

Colorado is jumping in, the article mentions that Dillon, Breckenridge, and Aspen have relaxed their prior laws.

Why these guys are beating Boulder to the punch is beyond me. I love seeing bike’s exempted from traffic regs: it’s like the car pool lane. Let’s give people who are rolling on their own power an edge.

Because that shit is beautiful.


Well, I mean. mostly.


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