May 18, 2014

Let’s Start A Revolution. ~ Guenevere Neufeld

choose love over fear

Let’s start a revolution.

Let’s stop talking about what celebrities are wearing.

Would I stand on the street with a microphone asking strangers, “Who are you wearing?” Would someone be photographing it, only to put them in next week’s magazines so we can judge who looked good and who didn’t?

No. It’s weird.

It doesn’t matter.

Let’s stop it.

Let’s start paying attention to our employees.

They’re those people that work for us, the ones we hired. You know, our governments. Let’s hold up our end of the “democratic system” some of us are told we live in and actively engage in the dialogue. Maybe it will actually turn into a democracy.

Let’s talk to strangers.

On the bus. In the laundry mat. In line at the grocery store. Let’s drop our pretences because guess what, I know your secret: you’re a human just like me.

You might also have a million other things on your mind. We’ll probably never see each other again. But a smile and a shared connection rooted in the truth of our passing common experience will probably have a positive impact.

For everyone.

Even the ones too shy or burdened to contribute.

Let’s do it anyway, especially for those too shy or burdened to contribute.

Let’s buy what we need at stores.

When I buy something there’s generally a specific purpose I’m looking for the item to fulfill. Said item is generally wrapped in items that don’t add to the purpose I have in mind.

I don’t need marketing, slogans and false promises.

I don’t need packaging.

The “Three R’s” are actually a hierarchy. First I reduce my consumption to what I need. What I must buy, I re-use as something else when it wears out. I recycle the rest. Bam. Sustainable living.

Let’s look at each other in the eyes.

It’s the eyes that are the windows to the soul, not my smartphone screen.

Let’s give the muscles in the back of our necks a little break and notice the world around us.

Notice our friends, neighbours and lovers.

Let’s notice the person standing in line at the store, and then talk to them. Afterwards we can go back to the screen—we need these moments sprinkled haphazardly throughout the day to remind us we are alive.

Let’s ask our elders questions.

Every day and every year I learn more and more about how little I actually know. There are people out there that really do have wisdom. Though we generally put them in places where professionals are the ones slathering them with anti-wrinkle cream and doling out medications, there are cultures that honour the wisdom of age.

Let’s be one of those.

Let’s spend some time in our own beings.

Just for a moment, even just a sentence or two between a single round of breath, let’s watch our minds. Isn’t it neat?

There are those things again, those thoughts, just whizzing along!

Okay, and what’s deeper than them?

What is the part that is watching the thoughts? And the emotions and feelings and sensations.

That’s where we are. Neat.

Let’s be there.


Let’s start a revolution.

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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Flickr / elycefeliz

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