May 17, 2014

Meet Cheri, the Beautifully Brave Soul Who Bares All. ~ Angkush Poonye {Video}

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I was surfing the internet recently, searching for ways to prevent acne when I came across a video which left me utterly dumbfounded.

The video spoke of a young woman named Cheri who uses cosmetics to not only make her look good but to most importantly make her life appealing.


We are living in a world where everyone is bent on achieving perfection to such a point that whenever a small problem crops in, we decide to sit down and curse our humdrum daily life. Cheri’s speech made me imbibe the culture of loving oneself in the true sense and incited me for a complete change of heart.

Many of us seem too busy running around such that we become almost blasé by what goes around us.

The only moment we decide to pause seems to be when we are inflicted by some problem. It costs nothing to stop for one second and to appreciate the horizon beyond the bubble we live in.

This young lady made me realize that no problem is completely unsolvable; it can at least be reduced if we put forth right effort.

Whatever the problem might it, be it health or financial constraints, we should not stop living. At the end the truth is that problems will always be never-ending whereas life is just a temporary journey.

Let us all embrace it despite the highs and lows like Cheri, the hero!



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Photo: YouTube still

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Read 2 comments and reply

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