May 25, 2014

My favorite Ted Talk makes fun of Ted Talks.

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For everyone who’s ever been irritated by Ted Talks’ self-regard…that student was Albert Einstein:

Sam Hyde’s 2070 Paradigm Shift

Sam Hyde, faked an application to TED Talks. They asked him to speak at one of their events. This was the result. 

“What inspires me…is teaching African refugees how to program Java script.”

So many funny, condescending, patronizing, big-think lines that send-up the self-serious, self-aggrandizing, self-applauding nature of lesser Ted Talks. Pat yourself on the back:

“This TED talk pretty much does the same thing, but trolls the TED organization.
So, at least it’s funny, and not claiming to be free from criticism as Benjamin Bratton implicitly claims to be. This guy pretty much straight up lied to event organizers to get on stage and proceeded to give a 20 minute nonsensical speech that calls out all the TED tropes, lays bare the TED circlejerk.”

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