May 25, 2014

Spirit of the Caress. {Poem}

woman face touch feather

Eyes closed, her mind wades into the dark depths of sweet sensual awakening

Taking in a breath, she feels her heart racing and a flush rising from her curling toes

Meeting at the center where blood pulses wildly

Seeking escape from its constraints

A sigh whispers from parted lips

Up-raised, poised for a kiss, drunk with pleasure from those of her lover

A knowing that even more unbridled passion awaits, if she can be patient for its arrival

Anticipating, she arches forward, as a green plant lifted, roots covered with rich, moist soil

At first the caress is tender, barely there

Setting Goddess bumps dancing on the surface of her silken skin

Then insistent as her lover’s fingers call for more of her

With an ancient desire that is matched by her own

Hearts pounding drum beat synchrony

Note for melodic note as the Earth trembles beneath them

Seismic sensation, shaken to her core

Riding the wave, surrendering to its pull

Wanting more, without hesitation

She reaches out, enwrapped and enraptured all at once

A primal sound pours forth from her

The birds awaken, startled

Well earned rest comes to them


Curled up inside each other


Edie Weinstein copyright 2014


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Franz Francisco at Pixoto

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Read 2 comments and reply

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