May 21, 2014

The Pulse of the Dream Field. ~ Elisa Fusi


According to the vision of the collective unconscious developed by Jung, the Archetypes flow smoothly and live permanently in the astral world.

All the by-products of our emotions, feelings and all human desires inhabit the astral body, which is also the elective soul carrier. Not surprisingly, the translation of the Greek word psyche is “soul” or “breath out of the body”, the totality of the human mind with no physical home.

The astral world represents the virtual place where soul memories, individual and collective histories of humanity, accumulate and dwell. This is the same place that we visit during dreams, when our astral body diverges from the constraint of matter, and from space-time limits, floating and melting completely within the cosmic resonance.

This is the same place that we visit with Ayahuasca.

A realm to explore, with vivid dreams pulsing along a converging field.

As we return from the Ayahuasca experience, or from lucid dreaming, we grasp the essence of these visions through images and symbols. They seem disconnected from our natural world, but are truly part of a universal, ancient language, or arcana. They remind us that this imagery has not disappeared, but is present and alive.

All of these materials, or oneiric tracks, become imprinted on the astral tape beyond the ages, beyond the lapse of civilizations and incarnations. These tracks mingle with the Jungian archetypes, as river beds may dry out for centuries, but then flow unexpectedly as soon as the first drops of rain come.

The esoteric Archetype perfectly embraces the theory of Shaldrake‘s Morphogenetic fields, which locates the driving force for biological systems in the interconnectedness of a universal, shaping field. In order to understand the development of plants and animals, their morphogenesis, genes and gene products are not enough.
All cells come from other cells, and all cells inherit fields of organization. Genes are part of this organization. They play an essential role.

But they do not explain the organization itself.

Why not?

Shaldrake shifts the paradigm of DNA as a Master of Beings to a hyper-organized, existing level of information, or Matrix, which lives out of the body and all around. Everything is immersed in this field, and accordingly, receives information from the field. The same way a stem cell, which has totipotency, is shaped by the field, and becomes a specialized cell with a clear function. A human being, who also has totipotency at birth, becomes shaped as an individual with a defined dharma.

Through morphic resonance, the patterns of activity in self-organizing systems are influenced by similar patterns in the past, giving each species and each kind of self-organizing system a collective memory. An Archetype. Similarly, the fields of our minds extend far beyond our brains. The morphogenetic field is an open system in eternal motion, where all Archetypal elements can upload and download bits of information, dynamically changing the system and being changed by the system in a never-ending experience.

The Ayahuasca lesson is a doorway to this connection, a floating bridge between realms, which speaks through the archetypal voice.

Because there are concepts too big and dreadful for us to comprehend, the human unconscious develops strategies to bypass and protect the mind. At the very end, it decodes the flow of information by using a safe, understandable weaponry of images. This allows the human experience to be connected with the field of Creation, and simultaneously to touch the pure irrational without burning out.

The Archetype channels the cosmic unconscious, the infinite ocean, to the human unconscious. The remote lake.

At the present moment, human beings have lost the ability to draw energy from the Archetypes, because the ritual and mystic dimension of existence is lost as well. In contrast, we use the power of Archetypes for harmful purposes, such as wars, religious constraints and economic imperialism.

The transmutation of the symbolic world within the sacred space of an Ayahuasca session gives us the chance to float on an infinite ocean of wisdom, and apply imagery to the natural world, reconnecting ourselves with the original field of Creation.

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Apprentice Editor: Chrissy Tustison /  Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Pablo Amaringo, Visions of Ayahuasca

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