June 21, 2014

10 Small Habits to Change Our Lives in A Big Way. ~ Nikki Zajac

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When we’re looking for changes in our life, we may have no idea where to start.

The leap from “now” to “there” seems daunting, leaving us unsure of which step to take first.

As humans, we desire pleasure; we want to feel good (like really, really good). Therefore, we will do anything that we assume will bring us happiness and feel-good feelings. The problem with this formula is that we don’t always have a clear understanding of what makes us feel good. Plus, we don’t know which steps will bring positive changes that last.

The spaces between discomfort and pleasure are steps: the choices we make and our actions all lead us to either pain or pleasure. They key to long-term happiness is to take steps stemming from a place of love.

Pain and pleasure are along the same spectrum. Are we moving toward pleasure and away from pain? Or, are we possibly moving in the opposite direction? The point is that we hold the power.

The easiest way to see results in our lives is to create small, healthy habits. These small habits can make a monumental difference and lead us closer to the pleasure end of the spectrum!

Here are my top 10 easy habits that can change our lives forever:

1. Express gratitude.

Count our blessings every day. Even in the midst of crisis there is something to be thankful for.

2. Stretch the body.

Our bodies need TLC. Take small breaks throughout the day to stretch it out. Incorporate yoga as often as you can.

3. Dance to our favorite music.

Listening to music is therapeutic and healing. It can shift our state and enhance mood. Dancing opens the body and allows us to feel joy and passion. Combine the two and we’ll instantly shift our state to one of happiness. Try dancing with a frown on your face. I promise you will burst out laughing in seconds!

4. Check your bank balance.

Positive changes impact every area of our lives. We often ignore a very important part of life: our finances. Take some time each day to check our balances and give thanks for what we do have. Getting into this habit tells the universe that we respect and love our money, thus attracting more abundance into our lives.

5. Drink a green smoothie or juice.

This one is my ultimate fave. What we put into our bodies makes up our cells and organs. Feed our bodies the best possible nutrients with a green juice or smoothie. We’ll receive live antioxidants and nutrients that can protect us from toxins and strengthen our immune system. Maybe we’ll even feel that green “buzz”!

6. Meditate or breathe deeply for at least five minutes.

Our breath is our life force; energy that connects us to life. When we get stressed we tend to hold our breath. Any disease, pain or problem occurs when we aren’t breathing fully and deeply. Not only does breathing help our body, but it also frees our mind. It allows us to let go of thoughts and connect with our intuition.

7. Cross off one “to-do”.

This may seem like an odd one to add to the list, but it is a must! Most of our stress comes from things we put off or neglect to do. It is usually something so simple, requiring little time to complete. Do yourself a favor and just do it!

8. Drink lots of water.

Our bodies are made up of over 70% water. Don’t skip out on staying hydrated. Water gives us energy, clears our skin, and removes toxins.

9. Make eating an experience.

Instead of eating in the car or in front of the television, make eating an experience. Give thanks before we eat and chew slowly. The energetic state we are in when we are eating affects the digestion of the food. Eat with love.

10. Be authentic.

This one is a biggie. Be who you are! Say what you feel. Act in accordance with your natural self. Make sure you don’t compare yourself to others. Who you are is unique, amazing and one-of-a-kind. Own it.

There ya go! Be ready to witness some amazing changes.



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