June 4, 2014

17 Reasons to Deal With Stress. ~ Fawne Hansen {Infographic}

The original 17 Reasons To Avoid Stress infographic can be found at Fawne Hansen’s Adrenal Fatigue site.

Have you ever considered how stress might be affecting your health?

Research conducted over the past five to ten years has demonstrated many ways in which our mental health can directly impact our physical well being. They range from symptoms like headaches and changes in our sleep patterns, all the way to a weakened immune system, premature aging, and heart disease.

This infographic lists 17 links between stress and physical symptoms, along with a list of research studies to back them up. Modern medicine has a long way to go in the treatment of chronic disease, but reducing our stress levels may be one way to greatly improve your health.

As you read through the infographic, consider the stressors in your life and ask yourself if they might be damaging your health.


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