June 5, 2014



Is Boulder leaving behind our eco-responsible, activist, progressive past? #bouldercolorado #boulderwin

Last night, Twitter bought Gnip and the Tech Community celebrated Boulder’s coming of age at the Boulder Theater with the slogan #boulderwin


Up until six months ago, I loved the tech community. Then I saw leading tech-ers investing in Xcel’s fight against the people of Boulder. The tech community brings a great energy of entrepreneurship to Boulder–but much of what they’re building is worse than pointless. By no means all of it.

As for the advertising community—good and bad. They’re hip, in the way LODO is hip. They’re also all about money, and pretty ethics-lite, to put it extremely politely.

Then, a few days ago, I joined the City of Boulder-sponsored #b360 ride around Boulder’s bike paths. Joined by old and young, it was fun, healthy, inspiring, silly. Whole Foods refreshment stations along the way. And I remembered that the folks who made Boulder the destination that it now is for yuppies were activists, folks who actually care about green, about liberty, and about civic life. I don’t see either the tech or advertising communities investing in the Boulder they’re helping hipsterify and yuppify. But maybe (I hope) I’m out of the loop. Fill me in?

What’s your experience and view on the effect of both communities on Boulder? Good and bad? Be fair, specific. #bouldercolorado

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