June 19, 2014

Confused Rescue Cow Thinks She’s a Dog. ~ Brenna Fischer {Animal Video}


On April 22, 2008 The Grace Foundation of Northern California was called upon to care for 47 abused and neglected animals seized by animal control.

Of these rescues was a two year-old cow who had spent her entire life in a 10-foot by 10-foot pen, her name is Milkshake.

When Milkshake was finally set free she did what any of us would do and ran free, stretched her legs and enjoyed the sun shining on her face, but when she stopped to look around, she was confused.

Since she had spent her entire life in isolation, without any interaction with other cows, she had no model for being one herself. She didn’t know if she was a dog, a human or a cow.

This story gives new meaning to the phrase extended family. Beth DeCaprio, the founder of The Grace Foundation, and her dogs took Milkshake in and made her one of them. They are her family, her community and yes, her role models.

What a lonely existence it must have been to live in a world completely alone; not just in isolation but in identity. My heart goes out to the millions of us (animals and people included) that deal with this every day. Remember, we are all part of the same big family so make sure to look out for one another.

Besides, you never know what crazy, sweet or inspiring character you’ll run into next. They may think they’re a unicorn instead of a human but that sweet, goofy soul may be the best thing that’s happened in a long time.


If you’d like to know more or donate to the cause check out The Grace Foundation’s website.

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Editor: Renée Picard

         Image: Milkshake the Rescue Cow is Convinced she’s Really a Dog/Youtube


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