June 9, 2014

Female Earth. ~ Joseph J Treubig {Poem}


Allow for breath,

For life,
Leave me here, for a moment,
To search,
Under rocks unturned,
To gaze,
At my reflection in you, in a reflecting pool of undulating calm, in the background trees and birds and blades of grass,
To wonder,
Concerned, for the glint in your many jewels is disconcerting,
To praise,
Perfection, looking to the sky—
For just a moment more, leave me here,
To search, to gaze, to wonder, to praise—
To breathe—
To live—
To love—
Female Earth, lightning in a flash this thought comes in,
I work with it and ponder how it came to be,
How I came to hold, if only for a second,
Creation, a jolt from up above,
I embrace it, for I know,
This good fortune might not last for long.
Female Earth, I thunder for your worth, even from afar,
I work with you, wait eagerly for when you’ll hit again—
Claps of accolades,
Applause for cause,
You really ought to hear this,
Unseen, I will be, until you fully embrace this kiss,
Female Earth, I rain for all the pain, your pain, my pain, the pain we share,
And cleanse this palette, yet again—
Purified, I start anew,
Even if it is without you,
Grim though it would be,
Your beauty, your memory, with me,
Female Earth, you are the great sea of water,
The outstretched land I walk across,
And I get scared sometimes too—
The way we touch, the carved out gullies in my gut,
Engorge me you would never,
Delicate, tiny little islands speckle your wondrous blue,
Hue spectrum vast, noninvasive, complementary,
The accidental inlet, the unsuspecting bay,
The wonderment in the way you let me see you,
The way I let you see me,
Embrace yourself, Female Earth,
Or forever run afoul.


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Apprentice Editor: Emily Bartran / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Macbrian Mun/Pixoto

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