June 6, 2014

How to Cope with a Parent’s Death. ~ David Aragon

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The last thing I told my father before he passed was, “I understand.”

He had just confided in me his wishes to evolve out of his body and we shared a loving exchange as I watched his transition.

Many people suffer when a loved one passes. They recall all the memories they shared together and reminisce on their physical attachments.

When we are able to still our mind and go inward, we are capable of seeing that death has only affected the physical manifestation of this person.

After my father passed, I looked into the mirror that night and could see he had not gone anywhere.

He was alive in me, I was a continuation of my father.

I looked into my eyes—a continuation of my father’s eyes—and smiled. I said “I love you,” which I was saying equally to both of us. I then looked at the palm of my hand and realized that it, too was a continuation of my father’s hand. I smiled and said, “I love you”.

Relationships are not physical, they are vibrational. We do not have to die in order to reconcile our relationships with transitioned loved ones. In fact, if we wish to reconcile relationships in this lifetime, we must be very present.

The reason people suffer after the death of a loved one is because they are not in alignment with their own vibration. Vibration says: everyone and anyone is always available. Physical says: it is too late.

When we resonate with our vibrational being, we come into understanding that this person has only left their physical manifestation—their vibrational being continues on eternally, imprinted on our own.

However, we live in a concious construct where we may have a perception that vibrational and physical are intertwined. This is not the case. Close your eyes, and imagine smiling—looking at your loved one—and saying “I love you”.

If truly engaged in this excersise, you will feel the vibration of your alignment with truth. The truth is your loved one vibrates within you, as much as you vibrate within them. You inter-are and your love is carried on forever.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”

~ John Keats

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