June 6, 2014

Knocking Down the Blocks: Rebuilding Unconditional Love. ~ David Aragon

Jennifer Donley/Flickr Creative Commons

So many people today are suffering.

It is not just those who live against the socially accepted grain, but it is also “everyday” folk.

Many people are not capable of loving themselves and therefore are not capable of loving another person.

True love is understanding.

If we do not have the capacity to understand and look deeply into ourselves, then we are not capable of loving.

Most people in our world are imprisoned by their own self-hatred. This is troubling because self-hatred leads to intolerance, inability to look deeply and lack of understanding.

When we look deeply, we understand that no matter what another human being has done (or will do), they are a beautiful child of the Universe. Knowing this inherent orientation is not only perfectly okay—it is perfectly perfect. This understanding is difficult for most people, as they have not even accepted the beauty of their own nature.

I find the topic of LGBTQ in today’s time particularly interesting.

Some people may think all of LGBTQ commentary is like beating a dead horse but this is still a very live and real issue. We can see that if we solve this inequality, we will overcome many more problems because it addresses the root of hatred.

I read something this morning that really moved me.

I read that 41% of transgender or gender-nonconforming people have attempted suicide. These beings find this world so intolerable that they find they cannot exist within it.

We exist in a social construct that has built a gender/sexual binary, and anything deviating from the course of the expected story is something that needs to be rewritten. However, people that exist outside of the binary of gender and sexuality (and all other orientations) will not acclimate to a conditionally loving world.

A note to anyone in this Universe on a difficult journey:

There will always be aversion when you do something “different” because people fear anything beyond their own limitations.

The people suffering in the “gay agenda” are not the LGBTQ community—but rather the people opposing them. When we look deeply, we can see that the biggest victims of all are the attackers. They are deeply plagued because their happiness is based upon other beings conforming to their view of normality.

To create a new generation of beings who are tolerant of all walks, we have to stop placing conditionally loving blocks in their minds.

Children certainly don’t come to this world with an inherent file in their internal computer that says, “I hate anyone that exists outside of societies sexual expectations.”

I can say with conviction that love is natural.

So, for our next generation, we just have to get out of their way—they already get it. For parents of children who exist outside of any preferred orientations, anytime any expectation is set up for your child, you set them up for failure. So, with this awareness, let’s set forth our children with unbounded minds.

In order to shift this world to non-discriminating individuals, we need to develop self-awareness.

Self-awareness allows for release of any personal agendas. Personal agendas are any notions or concepts of “you are lesser” or “you are better.” These agendas are why we still continue to have conflict—from arguments to genocides—perceptions of continuous belittlement are when most people seek to gain control. This can lead to massive damage to other beings.

When we govern our self-awareness, other people become the mirror of “self” reflected back at us. When we understand this, we can see another person as they “be” instead of as we “think” they are.

When we build a society on acceptance, support and love, we expand to places previously unimaginable. I believe that everyone can love everyone without rationally understanding why they do the things that they do or are the way they are.

From this heart-based understanding, we can act upon love no matter what the issue is because we are looking deeply.

We are aware.

We are alive.

This deep understanding transcends the blocks that we place between ourselves and the rest of society.

It should be our common goal in this lifetime to create fertile ground for all walks of life to love without conditions.

If you are in the LGBTQ family and you have the option to live your dream safely, then live it. Live it for those who do not have voices—who are killed for living similar dreams in a conditionally loving world.


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Photo: Jennifer Donley/Flickr Creative Commons


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