June 14, 2014

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs: 4 Steps to Creating the Lives We Want. ~ Lauren Stahl

Photo: Mohammed Sinardi on Pixoto.

Do you ever wonder why you’re not getting what you want?

Maybe it’s the job, the relationship, the money, the passion, the excitement or the love?

Well, here’s the good news—you’re not alone. This is something many of us struggle with on a constant basis.

I know that I lived in this reality for years. I always wanted more and nothing could fill the void inside.

I thought external factors could propel me forward and fill the void. I resisted reality and did not get what I wanted in any capacity. I had so many limiting beliefs about myself and the life I desired.

Here are some reasons why these limiting beliefs block us from getting what we want and some suggestions on how to begin confronting and combating them.

1. We’re stuck in the past.

Our past is where confusion lies.

It is where the stories and messages that we hold onto or create block us off from the present. The baggage of the past harbors feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, lack and uncertainty.

This all contributes to the notion that we should not get what we want. We stay settled and comfortable in situations and circumstances that do not bring any joy or passion to our life.

Today, I will let go of the past.

2. We are victims of our current circumstances.

We all have our current circumstances.

Maybe we are married. Maybe we are single. Maybe we are getting a divorce. Maybe we have a job we love or have a job we hate.

Our circumstances are pieces of our life puzzle. They do not make the puzzle whole and complete. We make our puzzle whole and complete. If we are unhappy with our circumstances we need to try and think of a way to practice gratitude even with those that make us angry or upset.

Starting a new business has brought up a lot for me. A lot of fear and uncertainty. At the same time, it allows me to express myself and be true to myself. I am no longer a victim and can shift my perspective.

Today, I know that I am more than my circumstances.

3. We don’t believe in ourselves.

This blockage is the mind’s way of keeping us separated.

This judgment automatically separates us and keeps us distant and isolated from others. It can even make the idea of believing in oneself feel foreign.

For years, I lived the life I thought everyone else wanted for me. I thought they would like me and accept me more. This thought was far from the truth and ultimately came from a place of not believing in myself.

In these moments, we must connect with our core and our true essence to combat these self-sabotaging feelings.

Today, I believe in myself and trust that I can do whatever I set my heart and mind to.

4. We forget all the goodness we harness within.

This is something we can easily lose sight of if we don’t pay attention. I sure do at times!

The goodness within is constantly there. It is the foundation that propels us forward. Sure, it gets blocked off from time to time but we can tap into it at any time we choose. This allows for us to build the confidence and self-worth to pursue our passions and dreams and is directly linked to getting what we want.

When we allow limiting beliefs to be our identity, we will not get what we want. We will doubt ourselves and remain complacent.

Today, let’s make a choice to think and act differently. Limiting beliefs may come in but make it a point to act opposite. Confront these thoughts with compassion and continue moving forward to unlock the power within.

Today, I will focus on getting what I want.


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Photo: Mohammed Sinardi/Pixoto

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