June 16, 2014

My Pulse is Slow & my Breath is Long. ~ Benjamin Niccum {Poem}



Mother Earth holds me on her shoulder
High above the valleys below.

In my mind I feel the planet turning
Heat, Air, Water and Stone.
The wind dances upon my skin,
And I can hear the river’s flow.
The sun in the sky is the same as I,
Here in my childlike pose.
I am patiently set
To drip sweat, and forget.

Nothing is as strong as a warrior can be.
Crimson red mist swirling from my trauma released.
Stone barricades impetuously blocking my energy
Come crumbling down, and melt away at my feet.
My pulse is slow, and my breath is long.
My flesh is screaming, but my mind is strong.
The temperature is rising, my body is wet.
Drip… Sweat… Forget.

Only for a moment, Respite is granted.
I stand on the Earth with trunk firmly planted.
I focus my eyes that are filled up with salt.
Limbs grow towards the sun without halt.
Steadily growing towards me likewise,
The moment has passed, he licks out with his fires.
I am man, and he is no threat.
Drip… Sweat… Forget.

The lights are slowly fading dim.
My mind is empty. It’s quiet within.
My body thanks me, and the pain is gone.
Replaced by a vibrant, luminous love.
At the end of the path there’s a mountain to climb.
Therefore I know I must find the time
To drip sweat, and forget.



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Apprentice Editor: Amani Omejer / Editor: Travis May

Photo: Hamid Mukhils/Pixoto

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Read 2 comments and reply

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