June 16, 2014

The Joys of Breaking Up (& Being Alone). ~ Stephanie Gauthier {Poem}

superwoman tattoo

Warning: some adult language ahead.

I feel like fucking superwoman today.

After four cups of coffee and dancing to Daddy Yankee, I feel hot.
And sexy.
And free.

I’m still soaking wet after a long hot shower.
I watch myself in the mirror, as I run my hand alongside my naked torso.
The pounds I gained so easily being shed slowly and healthily.

I feel strong.
And powerful.
This body.
My body.

The one that carried my three children full-term and wept for the unborn.
My stretch marks, my tits, and my curvy hips look unbelievably flattering to me.

I trace my hand up and along my neckline.
Beautiful neckline.
Where he used to plant kisses.

I smile in honor of him, and in his memory, for that is mine to keep.
I touch a finger to my thin lined lips.
I smile deep.

And I dance again.
Letting the beat of the music carry me around, and around until I feel dizzy.

Lightheaded now, I fall to the floor.
Smitten with myself,
And pleased that I’ve never given you this piece of me.
Thrilled that this too, is mine only.

I was yours for a little while.
On loan.
I was borrowed.

But I belong to the woman in the mirror who feels super.
A super woman.

That’s who I am.

Slowly I begin to dress myself.
I let my mind remain in this moment.
In this radiant moment of time,
I feel,
So wonderful,
So magical,
So breathtakingly fabulous.

You are no longer mine,
And yet I’m brighter,
I light up my life.

And I feel like fucking superwoman.

Thank you, for in your subtle contentious absence,
I’ve found joy once again;

In being alone.



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Apprentice Editor: Yaisa Nio / Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr / Hans van den Berg

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