June 5, 2014

The Most Powerful Tool for Introvert Healers.


If you are in introvert healer, you deal with more internal pressure than most.

Your introspective nature works in deep service to your clients, but it can also drain you as you spin your mental wheels trying to solve everyone’s problems—including your own.

This energy drain can wreak havoc on your professional life as a wellness practitioner while bestowing upon you the added burden of feeling less than than the vibrant human being you know you are at your core.

There is one single tool you need to put your inner house in order so that you step into your power as a healer and as a human being.

The process is Discreation and Re-creation.

Maybe that sounds like two tools, but they are two sides of the same coin. It works much like breaking a bone: After that fracture repairs itself, the bone sometimes ends up stronger than it was before.

When something in our life is not working, it most often has to do with the fact that our definition of some part of our life is not living up to the way that we are experiencing it. For example, if I’m a healer, I have an idea of what it means to be a healer based on what I’ve seen, what I’ve learned from other healers, what I’ve read in books, what I’ve seen in documentaries, and what I’ve experienced going to see spiritual advisers or acupuncturists or yoga instructors or intuitives.

All of these elements combine to create a definition that I now think of when I hear the word healer. If I choose to become a healer, than I had bloody well better live up to that image. And if I don’t, I have failed. And I spend an awful lot of energy trying to fix those areas where I am lacking. The problem with this method, however common, is that at no point have I actually consulted my deepest self for a definition of the word healer.

If you don’t go through the process of doing this deconstruction—of the incorrect views of the world that you hold—you will forever feel lacking.

Once you’ve gone through each element, each role, each term that you might apply to yourself, then the real work of re-creation begins. That’s where you go deep inside to consult with your highest self about what your definition may be of whatever topic it is you’re dealing with.

I realize it’s difficult to talk about this in the abstract, so let’s try another example. Let’s talk about money. That’s something we all like, right?  Well, we need to ask important questions about money: Why do we want it? What actually does money mean? How much is enough?

In this culture, we’re taught that if a little of something is good, a lot more is better. The truth is, in order to be happy, we don’t really need much more than what provides us with our basic needs: food, shelter, protection from the elements and predators. In some indigenous cultures, the accumulation of too much property or too many material things is actually considered a mental illness. I love that.

So, that’s an example of redefining a big word like “money” into terms that make sense to us. What exactly do I need to live comfortably and that’s all I have to concern myself with. And of course you’ll have to define what “comfortably” means for you as well.

It’s easy to say, “I want a lot of money because I want a home in Tuscany, and I want beachfront property in the Riviera, as well as my penthouse in Manhattan…” But if you imagine yourself with all those things, have you truly centered your soul? Will you be exempt from pain? Of course not.

The real question is: Will those material things make you feel as though you’re doing your divine dance on this Earth? And if it does? Good for you. Go get it. That’s what I’m talking about.

Re-create your life by redefining the terms through your own filter of the Highest Self.

If we are not able to make those changes, and literally destroy our preconceptions of the world and reconstruct them per our needs, we’re facing real energy drain and eventual burnout. You are not going to be able to step into your full power as a healer and as a human because you will be constantly defining yourself using terminologies that don’t apply to you.

On top of that, as an introvert, that energy drain and burnout will be tenfold, because there’s already a very low ceiling for that feeling of fitting in. If we don’t move through the process of discreation and re-creation, we’re left scrambling. Certainly you’re not going to have any energy for your clients, and anything that you do bring to them will be fraught with anxiety on some level or another.

And because of that energetic flow between client and practitioner, your client will be able to smell that anxiety on you like a dog can smell fear.

Take a few moments to list the roles and definitions that are not serving you. See if you can redefine them based on your deepest needs. Begin to live that truth. Once you do, all of your relationships will benefit—clients, loved ones, and your own connection to Self.


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Editor: Travis May

Photos: Pixoto/Rakesh Syal

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