July 8, 2014

Join the revolution. It’s not what you think. ~ Valerie Kausen

courtesy of Valerie Kausen

When I look around at the state of the world: the wars, the debilitating addiction to technology, massive species die-off, ocean destruction and overuse of chemicals in most every industry. It can be…down-right depressing.

I eat well.

I exercise.

I meditate.

I give money to great causes.

I floss every day.

But what can I do to help this traumatized world?

I recently got the chance to speak with some incredible humans. People who know that working directly with the land in sustainable ways can change things. They told me things like this, “The #1 most beneficial and impactful thing we can all be doing is growing (at least some of) our own food.”

I became more hopeful and engaged.

It was only six years ago when I earnestly started (thinking about) growing food. I have supported organic and sustainable growers for nearly 30 years, but actually doing it myself? No.

My business partner, Gary Heine, and I even started a non-profit, 15Thousand Farmers, around the simple fact that we didn’t know what we were doing on the topic and bet others felt the same way. It’s now a thriving community in Louisville, Kentucky, that has brought community, celebration and education to over 5,000 people.

But I hear you thinking, “How could growing a basil plant change the horrific state of things?”

We have all been indoctrinated deeply in the “Buy Local” campaign. Buying local keeps money and resources in our communities. When we buy food that is grown locally we do the same. And when we actually grow food in our own yards we: cut transportation costs even further, sequester carbon, build soil, regain our health in connection with nature, benefit from the multiplied nutritional value of the freshest food possible and become happier in general.

Knowing exactly what is in our food is power.

The kind of power to get and stay healthy and to keep unwanted chemicals out of our bodies and our environment. The power of gratitude knowing what it takes to grow healthy food that so many take for granted.

“We are what we eat” and breathe and think.

Growing your own food is a revolutionary act,” as Vandana Shiva, author and environmental activist, so eloquently reminds us. Our food system is at the heart of our culture and society. Change it and we literally change everything.

So, Gary and I decided to make it easy for others to learn what we are learning by talking with (and recording) conversations with 30+ inspiring food heroes known and unknown and we’ve made them available to everyone… For free.

All of these amazing people are focused on being a part of the solution. Getting out of the traumatizing systems and become the antidote.

We can all do our part to change the world.

“We’re not asking that you grow everything, just grow something.”

Find out more and sign up here!

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