July 15, 2014

Nexus. ~ Joseph J. Treubig {Poem}



Stick and move, dip and shift
Become uncaught, breathe and sit—
Sift through thoughts, seal up a split
Pack a bag for home, go revisit—
Allow the familiar place inside
To enlarge as it were ages ago
The epicenter of fun and frustration,
Triumph and failure—
In heart

Mend the wounds,
Remembering what worked and what did not,
Be not firm in grasp of these seemingly huge “truths”
That lived inside the four walls and one roof

Now that hands have grown bigger
And all that there was many moons before is no longer absolute,

Rather gently, respectfully salute
In reflection, acknowledge and bring to justice
Moments from the past hidden in the darkness of fear caves
Substantiating in the mind, for decades

Backing up our biases,
Erecting the projections that grew with opinionated affirmation
Inside of our tiny, little box,
When we are so much more

At our very core pulsing the open field and sky of the universe,
Magnetic waves transmitting light
Dancing back and forth
Casting over shadows of doubt that shrink away

When we honor all that we should,
When we conquer our childhood.



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Apprentice Editor: Jessica Sandhu/Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixoto/ Laszlo Nagy

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